What is the best way to select a PhD research topic?

How to Choose a Research Topic for Your PhD?

The ‘shocking’ fact is – many of the students who start with their doctoral studies ‘actually’ never receive the Ph.D. There are many reasons!
Ask yourself a question – “Do you have a passion – ‘a burning desire’ for research? Also do you have any research topic in your mind that always motivated your curiosity?

You MUST know these questions & their answers before you plan your doctoral studies that require a great level of patience, perseverance & immense hard work.

Following are some of the important points to follow that will help you to select a PhD research topic:
1) Find out the ‘ideas’ for research, especially those ones that always captivated your mind. You need to do a good home work, before you meet authorities & experts to discuss.    

2) Check the popular websites, books, articles & journals (in your area of study) to check the latest trends & discoveries & what are the various popular research areas. Check if you are thinking on the same lines. This study will also give you a fair idea about the industry needs & the viability (is your thought is too broad or too narrow?) of the research. Finally that can also give you a slight idea, if you are going to get a job at the end of your doctoral studies!!
3) Finally, choose somethingmanageable’! If your topic is difficult to get hard data or material to study, then your proposal may prove more difficult!
4) Then it is the right time to present your ideas to the peers who are working in the same field. It is always good to listen to them & take their advice.
5) Finally, take it to your professor / advisor if the proposed topic is worth researching! Please know that a selecting a good advisor is absolutely important in completing the research & finally getting the Ph.D.
6) Last, but not the least Be flexible! While doing the research (quantitative & qualitative, both) some of the aspects may have to be changed as you progress. Accept the facts & make necessary changes as you proceed instead of experiencing a deadlock ahead!