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36 institutions from France are listed in the QS World University Rankings.10 of which are among the top 300 universities worldwide.The seventh-largest economy in the world and 31 of the 500 most powerful corporations are all located in France.

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One of the most popular places for overseas students to study is France. The excellent educational system, the astonishingly low tuition costs, and the delightful French way of life are some of its key benefits.

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Study In France

France, a country of medieval cities, alpine villages, countless restaurants, and rich emotions, is located in western Europe and surrounded by developed European countries. It has fantastic geographical diversity along its coastlines, meadows, and rivieras and has been the center of educational and cultural exchange and learning for many years. The mixed economic system of France has advantages of both capitalist and socialist elements, which makes it one of the world's major economic powers. France is developing with a diversified private sector that includes agricultural, industrial, and service activities with good GDP growth.

Governments routinely regularize the industrial and economic aspects in accordance with the foreign competitive requirements. The chemical industry has a significant share in the country’s economic growth, followed by the hospitality and tourism industry. Students who want to pursue an MBA from a highly reputed school, or a career in hospitality management, tourism, culinary arts, bar-tending, fashion technology/ designing or textile/accessory designing, perfume-making/testing, arts, and many other fields, France would be the right country for them. France has numerous full-time/ part-time programs and vocational courses related to the fields mentioned above.

This country is amiable, with a remarkable presence of global tourists and flamboyant metropolitan culture all around the year. Students can participate in many extra-curricular activities, social gatherings, and cultural arts & meets. Higher education in France is known for its excellent teachers and research. From Technology, Business to Arts, this country totally lives up to its reputation. As a study abroad location, no place in the world can arguably match the superior standards and dynamic curriculum structure achieved by French universities and colleges.

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Why Should You Study In France?

Home To Renowned Institutes

France is a developed nation with one of the world's most respected university systems. It is a country that yearly receives the greatest number of overseas students. HEC Paris Montpellier, IESEG School of Management, Paris Business School, and KEDGE Business School are only a few of the country's internationally renowned universities.

Permitted To Work Part-time On Student Visa

While on a student visa, students are permitted to work part-time in France. They can, however, work up to 964 hours in a year. This time limit varies when a resident permit/visa is obtained.

Education At A Reasonable Cost

In comparison to American institutions, French universities provide more affordable education. International students with a sufficient budget can survive without taking out loans, but they will have to repay them in a few years. Many scholarships and incentives are available to students studying in France.

Transportation at A Low Cost

International students will find that commuting and transportation costs in France are very reasonable. The TER network regularly offers discounts to college students and residents of all mainland areas. Students can use the Velib bike-rental system for a cost-effective and hassle-free journey around the city.

Quality Of Education

France is a leading destination for students seeking fine quality education in, Technology, Business management, and most importantly Arts. Studying in France strengthens the employability of students significantly and makes them more eligible to take up jobs anywhere in the world or in their native country. The educational infrastructure provided by French institutes is exceptional and students can take advantage of their world-class faculty.

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