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What Is The Cost of Studying In Australia?

Australia as a country attracts students from all over the world for a variety of reasons. Australia, like all other countries, has some of the world's greatest universities. These colleges' advancement is aided by consistent innovation, strong professors, and high-quality education. While academics contribute to the call value, it is possible that it is the only country that has a pull due to its good living conditions and promise of a great student life.

Tution Fees

Let's start with the most important aspect of any study abroad costs: the cost of education in Australia for international students at various stages. The chart below provides an overview of the prices associated with various types of credentials for international students in Australia. Applicants should keep in mind that these prices do not include costly courses like veterinary or medical.

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree

AUD 20,000 - 45,000

Postgraduate Master’s Degree

AUD 22,000 - 50,000

Doctoral Degree

AUD 18,000 - 42,000

Vocational Education And Training

AUD 4,000 - 22,000

English Language Studies

AUD 300 per week

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Accommodation Cost

The various rentals for a number of boarding choices for students wishing to study in Australia are listed below

Hostels And Guesthouses

AUD 90 - 150 per week

Shared Rental

AUD 95 - 215 per week


AUD 110 - 280 per week


AUD 235 - 325 per week


AUD 185 - 440 per week

Boarding Schools

AUD 11,000 - 22,000 a year

Living Expenses

While lodging prices account for a substantial portion of living expenses, other items included in the cost of living in Australia include

Groceries And Eating Out

AUD 140 - 280 per week

Gas, Electricity

AUD 10 - 20 per week

Phone And Internet

AUD 15 - 30 per week

Public Transport

AUD 30 - 60 per week

Car (After Purchase)

AUD 150 - 260 per week


AUD 80 - 150 per week

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