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Investment in education is the best investment! But how will you invest if you don’t know how much you need to spend to study abroad? Grad-Dreams has designed a Study Abroad Budget Calculator for anyone who wants to know the costs of various factors involved in the studying abroad process.

Now you can calculate your full study abroad expenses with a few clicks on Grad-Dream’s Study Abroad Budget Calculator. This wonderful tool can calculate all your expenses before flying abroad and all costs while studying in your dream destination. Within seconds, you can get costs for multiple factors that matter to aspiring international students.

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Let's see how this works.

Select your country and course from the 2 categories below. Then you will be presented with all the parameters you will spend on. Just check the box on the left side of each parameter for which you want to know the expense. You can select or unselect multiple parameters at once and get the exact amount separately for your selected country and program.

These costs include charges for making a new passport, taking aptitude tests, transcript evaluation, taking language and other admission tests, application fees, score reporting, enrollment deposit, tuition fees, bank fees, health insurance, and airfare. buying new travel wear and accessories, visa application charges, accommodation, local travel, meals and snacks, books and stationery, laptops and gadgets, entertainment, etc. This unique calculator is the easiest and cheapest way to plan your study abroad budget.

Grad-Dreams’ study abroad budget calculator is an ideal tool to know your study abroad expenses before you raise, allocate, and manage funds accordingly. It is a great time-saving platform that lets you know how much you need to spend on your higher studies abroad long before you apply.

Scroll down and take advantage of this free Budget calculator created by Grad-Dreams for students' convenience.

Are you worried about the huge expenses of studying abroad?

Dont worry, we can customise a plan according to your budget and goals

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Not sure where to study?

Grad-Dreams can assist you with selecting suitable universities after a thorough profile assessment and documentation, application, admission, financial planning, and VISA process.

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