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One of the most popular English proficiency tests is the PTE(Pearson Test of English). Employers and embassies both use the test as part of their hiring procedures. It is the top computer-based English proficiency test in the world for applicants looking to study or immigrate overseas.


PTE, known as the Pearson Test of English, is a computer-based test administered and conducted by Pearson Language Tests, a unit of Pearson PLC Group. PTE aims to assess one's English language proficiency in writing, speaking, listening, and reading. This test is taken by students who aspire to study abroad or individuals looking forward to immigrating to a foreign country. A valid PTE score helps you get admission into a foreign university or obtain a PR (permanent residency) visa for a country that accepts PTE to test your English language competency level. Universities and immigration websites often mention if they accept a PTE score for educational or immigration purposes.

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What is the difference between PTE Academic and PTE General?

PTE offers two types of tests: PTE Academic and PTE General

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PTE Academic

PTE Academic score is accepted by 6000 institutes globally including Yale, INSEAD, Harvard Business School, etc and by Australia for an immigration visa.

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PTE General

PTE General is taken to assess the candidate’s English language communication skills and enables them to practice their language abilities. It is accepted by universities and ministries of countries like Poland, Spain, the UK, Greece, Latvia, Mexico, Colombia, etc.

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PTE Format

Speaking and Writing
  • 77 – 93 minutes

Personal introduction,Read aloud,

Repeat sentence,Describe image,Re-tell lecture,Answer short question,Summarize written text,Essay ( 20 minutes)

  • 32 – 40 minutes

Reading and writing - Fill in the blanks

Multiple choice, choose multiple answers , Re-order paragraphs,Reading - Fill in the blanks,Multiple choice, choose single answer

  • 45 – 57 minutes

Summarize spoken text,

Multiple choice, choose multiple answer , Fill in the blanks,Highlight correct summary,Multiple choice, choose single answer , Select missing word,Highlight incorrect words,Write from dictation


  • Intensive Coaching and practice of all four language skills, i.e., Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.
  • Healthy and manageable teacher-student ratio to maintain personal attention.
  • In-depth insight into the pattern and question types to enable students to improve their chances on scoring
  • Detailed study of grammar in merely 6 hours to help students to quickly recap their grammar skills effortlessly elevating their language proficiency to the level required for the test
  • Students read out the essays written as homework in each class to analyze the writing in consultation with the faculty and fellow students
  • Self-study in the form of structured homework is assigned daily besides 2 hours of lectures to ensure continuous and consistent efforts from the student
  • Interesting and interactive sessions aimed at overall development of the student's communication skills and confidence.
  • Lectures are designed for each skill to allow a thorough understanding of the skill.
  • Freedom to engage in 1 to 1 discussion with the faculty to ascertain and assess one's performance.
  • Students weak in English are also catered to. English is taught from the basic level to vulnerable students so they can be comfortable with the others in the class

PTE Coaching Schedule

PTE Classroom Coaching Schedule
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Total Lectures: 15- 20
  • Duration of every lecture: 2 hours
  • Total Duration of classroom Coaching 30 hours.
PTE Practice Test Schedule
  • Number of practise tests: 4
  • Duration of every test: 3-4 hours
  • Total hours spent of practise test: 12-15 hours

The lectures will be conducted 3-4 times in a week.

New Batches will commence on 1st and 15th of every month.


PTE DIY (Do It Yourself) INR 2,000
PTE INR 8,000
Teacher Assisted (Certified Trainer)

Total Course Time
2 months
5 weeks
20 Sessions

Schedule (Daily/Weekly)
WeekDay / Weekend Batch

Online Practice Portal

English Proficiency Diagnostic Test (Optional Test before enrollment)

Online Practice & MockTests
5 tests
7 tests

Grammer Refresher & Tests

PTE Vocabulary Module & Tests (500+ Synonms / Antonyms questions)

Listening Evaluation with Grades

Speaking Evaluation with Grades

Reading Assignments with grades

Writing Assignments with grades

PTE Stratey Video's & Tips

PTE Exam Date Allottment

LIVE Grammer & Vocabulary Session on Saturday/Sunday

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