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What Is The Cost Of Studying In Sweden?

Sweden has become a popular study abroad destination for Indian students over the years. Sweden offers a wealth of reasons for Indian students to study in Sweden, including the affordable cost of education, state-of-the-art colleges, and modern amenities, making Sweden a dream study abroad location. The number of Indian students studying in Sweden has increased dramatically over time.

The Swedish government seeks to improve the education sector every day, and in order to achieve this goal, it has implemented student-friendly rules on university campuses, making them more welcoming to international (foreign) students. To enter Sweden for the purpose of education, students will need a Sweden Student Visa. Sweden has a number of world-class universities that serve as a significant educational center and draw enormous crowds.

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Tuition Fees

Famous courses and the cost of studying in Sweden for Indian students are shown in the table below. The table below shows the average first-year cost, as well as the average tuition costs for popular courses across the country.

Average 1st Year Cost
Average Tuition Fees
Rs 12.48 Lakhs
Rs 10.57 Lakhs

Rs 10.83 Lakhs
Rs 8.92 Lakhs

Rs 9.45 Lakhs
Rs 7.54 Lakhs

Rs 18.82 Lakhs
Rs 16.91 Lakhs

Rs 18.39 Lakhs
Rs 16.48 Lakhs

Rs 8.88 Lakhs
Rs 6.97 Lakhs
4000 SEK
380€ / 430$

2000 SEK
190€ / 215$

Phone / Internet
300 SEK
30€ / 34$

550 SEK
52€ / 58$

Social Life / Hobbies
1500 SEK
140€ / 158$

140€ / 158$
8350 SEK
792€ / 895$

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