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Below is a table showcasing the estimated cost of living including rent, food, bills, transport, and groceries in different cities in Finland. Please note that these figures are approximate and can vary based on individual lifestyles and preferences.
City Rent (1 Bedroom) Food Bills Transport Groceries
Helsinki €900 - €1,500 €300 - €500 €100 - €200 €50 - €80 €200 - €300
Tampere €600 - €1,000 €250 - €400 €80 - €150 €40 - €70 €150 - €250
Turku €600 - €1,000 €250 - €400 €80 - €150 €40 - €70 €150 - €250
Oulu €500 - €900 €200 - €350 €70 - €120 €30 - €60 €120 - €200
Jyväskylä €500 - €900 €200 - €350 €70 - €120 €30 - €60 €120 - €200

These figures are provided as general estimates and may vary based on factors such as location within the city, housing preferences, lifestyle choices, and fluctuations in prices. It's advisable for individuals planning to live in Finland to conduct further research and consider their personal expenses to create a more accurate budget.

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