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It's the universal norm that assistantships/ scholarships/ financial aid are awarded to deserving students. To avail of financial assistance at an international academic level, one must prove his capability and worthiness to receive the scholarship.

These funding options are intended to help students meet their study expenses partially or fully. Before applying to universities in any country, one should know the exact nature of available funding options and their criteria.

International students seeking assistantships/ scholarships or financial aid should book an appointment with a study abroad expert for free guidance and counseling sessions.


Beware of online scholarship scams! Some fraudulent websites imitate official government websites or genuine student funding organizations. Deceptive usage of words like "Federal" or "National Foundation" often convinces students and parents to fill out certain forms and pay online fees. Hence, we suggest that students verify the authenticity of websites and companies involved in such businesses before buying their services.

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These are part-time duties in research, teaching, and/ or academic activities. The three major types are teaching assistantship (TA), research assistantship (RA), and graduate assistantship (GA). It is an excellent opportunity for students to get a partial/full tuition waiver depending upon the nature of the assignment. Also, some universities may offer a monthly stipend that can offset some or all of their tuition.

Teaching assistants instruct and assist students with a variety of responsibilities. It may include tutoring, grading the exams or assignments, administering the tests, or helping the professors during classroom discussions. Students can apply for TA positions in multiple departments within the university.

Research Assistants assist the professors in their ongoing research in their respective fields and, in turn, contribute to the departmental research activities. The department strictly administers the research activity under the supervision of the professor responsible for the outcome of the research. Most of the time, research assistant positions are available to students in their department or in interdisciplinary research projects, where more than one department contributes to the research.

Graduate Assistant (as the name suggests) positions are offered to students enrolled at the post-graduate degree level. Graduate assistants can get various academic or non-academic jobs, where they may or may not teach or assist in departmental research. For example, a computer science graduate student with a GA position can work with the university admissions office, housing department, or athletics department for non-academic work.

Students are permitted to work for only certain hours during a week to ensure that they get enough time to attend classes and study. Working hours differ as per the specific rules of the respective university.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Paying for your education abroad is no easy task! Most universities abroad increase their tuition fees by 10 to 20 percent every year. In the USA, only about 15 to 20 percent get academic funding. The rest of the students pay the total tuition fees out of their own pockets. Seldom is any financial aid available for international students, and it's tough to secure an international student scholarship.

Many universities in the USA provide financial aid and scholarships to international students. Previous academic records play a significant role in securing financial grants. Universities are concerned about how a particular student can contribute to their class, the department & finally, the university. Hence it is offered to the most deserving students. The students MUST prove their abilities & show their willingness to work hard & maintain good academic grades.

Quick Facts

  • Most of the time, a scholarship offered by any particular university is a one-time reward, which the student need not re-pay or work at the university in return
  • Some students may get a one-time scholarship reward {may range from $ 3000 to $ 15,000} or financial aid in the form of GA / RA / TA (as discussed above) along with the admission letter based on their previous academic record, even before securing the visa and joining the university!
  • Most financial grants come with a contractual agreement requiring students to maintain good grades during the respective semesters
  • If the students fail to maintain the required grades, the department may discontinue the financial support
  • Some universities also offer need-based financial grants to students when they demonstrate a financial need. These financial grants are often given to students who do not have to repay them
  • Some universities also give financial aid to students with unique qualifications and artistic and athletic talent. The majority of undergraduate students get financial assistance based on their extracurricular activities

The harsh reality is that most of the financial grants are limited to the local citizens of that particular country. Be realistic (in terms of what you can afford) while you use it, and study hard after you reach it! International students must plan their finances right from the stage of applying to various universities.

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