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Do Not Delay; Begin assembling the application kit at least 10 to 12 months before the program's start date.

Application process indeed can be a little hectic for students but we can help. We optimize, expedite, and simplify the process.

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The USA is the very first thing that pops out of students' minds when it comes to international education. The USA is equipped with higher standards and an ecosystem for every student to experiment, create, and market their inventions/discoveries to the world. The process of applying to U.S. colleges and universities differs from applying to Indian universities. Students have a fairly more time to complete their applications as most of the applications are online. Students should not hasten and take their time in understanding the application requirements before starting the process of applying to U.S. colleges and universities. Students can apply to multiple universities as they wish. But at the same time should be conscious of the time and cost. Students need to keep in mind that they must submit separate applications to each U.S. graduate program that they wish to apply to. Each university has set its deadlines, application requirements, and other formalities.

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Application Process

Students who wish to apply to U.S. undergraduate programs must submit their applications directly to individual universities. Requirements that are common to most U.S. Colleges and Universities are as follow:

  • Test Scores- SAT General, SAT Subject, TOEFL, and AP
  • High School Information
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Application Fee
  • Interview- required by some competitive universities

The top destination for pursuing a Master's (MS) degree abroad is the USA. The country offers multiple MS specializations to choose from, it also demonstrates academic excellence, a wide variety of educational options, extensive international student support, and a flexible curriculum that provides hands-on training to students going to the USA to pursue their master studies.

  • Application Form
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • Separate Research Statements (sometimes required– describing your research interests and plans)
  • 2-3 Recommendation Letters
  • GPA is required of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and above
  • CV
  • For MBA applicants, an interview may be requested, while an audition is likely to be required for students applying for programs in the arts
  • Students applying for Arts may also submit a portfolio of work. If students are applying for research-focused degrees, they may be asked to submit a writing sample.
  • Application fee of approximately $50-100 per application

In the US, the duration of a Ph.D. is four to six years, year one to year four on the coursework stage of the program, and year two to year four on the dissertation. The academic year includes two teaching semesters, i.e. August-December and January-May. The eligibility criteria vary as per the stream of the study program and institution. Most of the basic requirements are the same across fields:

  • Educational background of 16 years
  • Exceptional academic results in both levels i.e., master’s and undergraduate.
  • GMAT scores are required for post-doctoral management programs (some programs might even ask for GRE test scores)
  • (IELTS) English language proficiency tests are also required.
  • Academic and research projects, internships, or publications

How can Grad-Dreams help you with the application process?

  • Grad-Dreams considers the student’s interest in a particular stream or his/her liking. If the student is unable to decide on the subject that is to be chosen, then we fix it up for them after a thorough assessment of the complete academic credentials and the family’s affordability capacity

  • Grad-Dreams Consulting having expertise in assisting students going for the Undergraduate (Bachelors), Postgraduate (Masters) & Doctoral (Ph.D.) studies abroad assures you that you can save your precious time and efforts.

  • We provide assistance in writing research proposals, and letters, and improving the overall profile; customizing the Ph.D. SOP’s as required by global institutions.

  • A dedicated advisor is provided to complete your entire application-admission-visa process.

  • The institution & program selection is done after the academic assessment. In addition, we keep in mind the need for scholarship & funding options like GA / TA / RA (Graduate, Teaching & Research Assistantships) for the postgraduate students that may help students to get fee waivers or fully funded Ph.D. programs.

    Our Admission Counseling Plan mainly includes

    • University shortlistcourse introduction
    • Documentation
    • Total cost estimate
    • Visa Documentation & Mock Interviews
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