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United States of America
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Some valuable feedback from Karan Tewani

"One thing which is of utmost importance, when one is aiming for studying abroad is proper research and it takes time. Time, which I didn't have the luxury of having, since I was a working professional. The course and university which we select will be responsible for shaping our career, and thus, no amount of words is enough to stress it's importance. I was at a cross-road, and boom 'Enter Grad-Dreams!!'. Not only was I was availed with the vast enormous data available with them already, having helped hundreds if not thousands of students, but also proper research was done personally to suit my needs. My advisor was Ms. Sharvari Pawar. She was always ready to take my phone calls, clear my doubts, go out of her way to find the information I needed and much more. From there on onwards, Grad-Dreams supported me every step of the way. They helped me in making my application to the universities, guided me on how to write my SOPs, evaluated my Resume, helped me get admits from five out of six universities I applied to, including the one which was my number 1 priority, helped me complete the long and confusing visa application process with ease, prepared me for the VISA, guided me before departing for the States, helped me connect with people from same university to find accommodation and much more. Their staff, and specially my advisor, are polite, friendly, professional and help us tackle each obstacle in a calm and composed way. I am very much grateful to Grad-Dreams and to Ms. Sharvari Pawar, in enabling to take the first steps of my long-term dream. And today, as I have achieved this milestone, I would love to take some time out and tell the world for Grad-Dreams' contribution in my success story."

"My advisor was Ms. Sharvari Pawar and I am completely, whole-heartedly satisfied in her assistance. The course I was looking for was unique and thus required extra hours of research to be put in, but Ms. Pawar never did shy away from the challenge and came out triumphant. She helped me each step along the way. My views of Grad-Dreams are vastly if not fully because of Ms. Pawar's amazing professional, friendly and to the point assistance of me. I would like to thank her and the whole of Grad-Dreams team, for helping me take the baby steps in achieving my dream."

"When us as students make the decision of going abroad for our studies, the journey from making this decision to actually going abroad comes with its challenges. And these challenges start from the word go, as the first question we face after making this decision is the one whose answer can change the entire course of our career. And it is which course in which university? Consulting, thus becomes very necessary to make a proper decision and Grad-Dreams has tons and tons of experience, which is invaluable in making the right decision. I am personally greatly, vastly satisfied with Grad-Dreams Admission Consulting and for Visa Preparation."


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