IELTS - International English Language Testing System

The IELTS test is conducted by British Council, IDP and Cambridge institutes. It is designed to enable test takers for higher education and migration or even work – related training. Over 10,000 institutions and organizations in more than 140 countries accept IELTS.

Grad-Dreams provides expert IELTS training to students to improve their performance in the test. Grad-Dreams is also a registered center for the IELTS test.

IELTS Test Pattern and Scores

Sections Description Approximate time Scores
Listening 4 section, 40 questions in total 40 minutes 0-9
Reading 3 passages, each containing 9-12 questions; 40 questions in total 60 minutes 0-9
Writing 2 tasks 60 minutes 0-9
Speaking 3 sections 11-14 minutes 0-9


(Do It Yourself)
USD 200
IELTS Crash Course
USD 250
IELTS Comprehensive
USD 400
Teacher Assisted (Certified Trainer)
Total Course Time Upto 2 months 3 weeks (10 Sessions)
6 weeks (20 sessions)
Schedule (Daily/Weekly) Flexible Weekend Batch Weekday Batch
Online Practice Portal
English Proficiency Diagnostic Test (Optional Test before enrollment)
Online Practice & MockTests 5 Tests 5 Tests 7 Tests
Grammer Refresher & Tests
IELTS Vocabulary Module & Tests (500+ Synonms / Antonyms questions)
Listening Evaluation with Grades
Speaking Evaluation with Grades
Reading Assignments with grades
Writing Assignments with grades
IELTS Stratey Video's & Tips
IELTS Exam Date Allottment
LIVE Grammer & Vocabulary Session on Saturday/Sunday
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Know what Students Say About IELTS TRAINING AT GRAD-DREAMS

Grad-Dreams IELTS Training Features:

  • Intensive practise and comprehensive content on all four skills Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking.
  • 12:1 student ratio implies better individual attention to every student.
  • Thorough insight into the pattern and question types to improve the score on all sections.
  • Focus on improving grammar and vocabulary for a long term benefit.
  • In every lecture a different skill and new section is covered but some time is reserved to brush up on other 3 skills as well to simultaneously improve the level on all skills.
  • 1 on 1 discussion with the faculty for discussing, evaluating and providing tips on the speaking and writing tasks given as homework on every classroom training day.
  • Apart from the 2 hours spent on classroom training, 3 hours’ homework given after every lecture to ensure continuous and consistent efforts from the student.

IELTS Coaching Schedule

The IELTS training batch is initiated twice on 1st and 15th of every month.

Classroom Training Schedule

  • Duration: 5 weeks
  • Total Lectures: 15 - 20
  • Duration of every lecture: 2 - 3 hours
  • Total hours spent on classroom training: 30 hours.

The lectures will be conducted 3 times in a week.

Practice Test Schedule

  • Number of practise tests: 4
  • Duration of every test: 3 hours
  • Total hours spent of practise test: 12 hours

Batch Timings

Batches starting from Days Time
1st of every month Mon, Wed, Fri *2 PM to 4 PM
15th of every month Tue, Thurs, Sat *11 AM to 1 PM

*Timings are flexible, can be adjusted or moved considering convenience of all the students. Fast track batches are also available.

  • Q. What is IELTS test Format?
    A. Understand the IELTS Test Format

  • Q. How to study for IELTS?
    A. Study Plan for IELTS

  • Q. How much time is required for IELTS Preparation?
    A. Preparation time for IELTS

  • Q. What is IELTS General Test? Q. Who should take IELTS General Test?
    A. Understand the IELTS General Test

  • Q. What is the test format for IELTS General test?
    A. Understand the IELTS Test Format

  • Q. What is the format of IELTS Listening test?
    A. IELTS Listening test format

  • Q. What is the format for IELTS Reading test?
    A. IELTS Reading Test Format

  • Q. What is the IELTS Writing test format?
    A. IELTS Writing Test Format

  • Q. What is the IELTS Speaking test format?
    A. IELTS Speaking Test Format

  • Q. What are the free resources for ILETS?
    A. The free and online resources for IELTS preparation and some good books are listed in the second half of this article IELTS Study.

  • Q. How can I register for IELTS?
    A. Grad-Dreams can assist you in IELTS Registration.

  • Q. Who can help me prepare for IELTS? Q. What should I do to get my target band for IELTS?
    A. Fill up the enquiry form on this page to:
    Request for a FREE DEMO lecture of IELTS wherein our expert trainers for IELTS can enlighten you about the test format and preparation. Also learn the tips, strategies and get an evaluation after the free mock test.
    Join our IELTS Coaching batch for thorough preparation and excellent coaching by our certified IELTS Trainers, advanced resources and extensive practise.

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Our IELTS Achievers
  • Gaurav Phatak -Thane 8.5
  • Aishwarya Mani -Thane 8.0
  • Eshan Suvanna -Mumbai 7.00
  • Shagun Bhandari -Thane 7.5
  • Tushar Verma -Thane 7.00
  • Prasuna -Bangalore 7.00
  • Sarath Panicker -Thane 7.00
  • Krishna Thakkar -Mumbai 7.00
  • Manali Gaikwad -Nashik 7.5
  • Vasigaran -Bangalore 8.00
  • Priyanka Rambhia -Thane 8.00
  • Anushri Deshpande -Mumbai 7.00
  • Riya Kale -Mumbai 7.00
  • Aditya Kamat -Thane 7.5
  • Sumeet Pawar -Thane 7.00
  • Tushar Verma -Thane 7.00
  • Pranav Murcaud -Thane 7.5
  • Biren Rambhia -Thane 7.00
  • Jagdish Bangar -Thane 8.00
  • Abhinav Pathare -Thane 7.5
  • Gargi Hegde -Mumbai 8.00
  • Raj Bateille -Thane 7.00
  • Saloni Bendre -Thane 8.00
  • Pooja Bargaze -Thane 7.00
  • Nidhi Pathak -Pune 7.5
  • Haridas -Thane 7.00
  • Yash Thakkar -Thane 8.00
  • Dhananjay Apte -Mumbai 7.5
  • Rahul Loke -Mulund 7.00
  • Sharayu Chavan -Mumbai 7.00
  • Naman Goyal -Chhattisgarh 7.5
  • Ankita Peshin -New Delhi 7.5
  • Jash Mange -Mumbai 7.5
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Mumbai Office Address

Address : 2nd Floor, Falcon Court, Hari Om Nagar, Near Eastern Express Highway, Mulund (E), Mumbai. State: Maharashtra. 400081, India. It's close to Thane Station, East Side.

Pune Office Address

Address : 330, 3rd Floor, Marvel Vista, Above PNG Showroom, Bibwewadi Kondhwa Road,Kondhwa Chowk, Lulla Nagar, Pune. State: Maharashtra, 411048, India.