SOP Writing

Upon completing the enrollment process, we will promptly provide you with the guidelines and format for writing your Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Letter of Recommendation (LOR). Kindly ensure that the documents are submitted in the prescribed format. If any details are missing or inadequate, our documentation expert will collaborate with you to gather the necessary information and improve the quality of your SOP. We advise you to avoid presenting your profile as a mere resume; instead, aim to craft an SOP that best aligns with the course requirements.

If the inputs you provide are satisfactory and sufficient, our document expert will arrange and edit your SOP to ensure coherence, develop your ideas to align with the objectives, and proofread and finalize the document. Once you submit the final draft of your general SOP, our documentation specialists will review it and offer suggestions/feedback. You can then modify the SOP as required and inform us, after which we will finalize the document.

We expect you to modify the general SOP in line with the SOP requirements specified by the shortlisted universities you are applying to. If needed, our documentation experts will provide verbal guidance to help you modify the university-specific SOPs. We will only review (not edit) the multiple university-specific SOPs that you create and provide necessary feedback.

Finalizing your documents (SOP/LOR) may take up to 10 days after submitting your final draft. Editing includes grammar correction and sentence structuring, and is limited to two revisions only. We do not add any content to your documents, but we enhance them wherever possible while maintaining their originality. We will also do a complete plagiarism check to avoid duplication of any content.

If you apply for multiple courses, we will edit a general SOP that pertains to one of the courses, and only review drafts for all other courses with necessary feedback.

We strive to deliver an attractive and professional SOP in a single attempt, but if you feel that the final document requires changes, we can consider one more round of edits. We will incorporate any suggestions that would enhance the document's quality while ensuring that it meets the university requirements.

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