Akshat Rawat

Know how Grad-Dreams helped Akshat Rawat to realise his dream of STUDYING ABROAD
Master's Computer Science - Fall 2023
United States of America
  • 5.0/5.0

Some valuable feedback from Akshat Rawat

"I found out about Grad-Dreams when their office was the centre for my TOEFL exam. I am going to pursue my M.S. in Computer Science in the US. The office is very close to Thane station. My counselor was Ms. Vaibhavi Kadam. From the initial counseling stage i.e shortlisting the universities, they were very helpful as they made a proper document giving all the important details for the universities. They also have a team assigned for fine tuning SOP and LORs. The process for applying for the visa is also very smooth. They also prepare you well for the visa interview. Overall, I would genuinely recommend Grad-Dreams to everyone who is wanting to go to study abroad."

"My Advisor was Ms. Vaibhavi Kadam. My experience with her was very pleasant. She has been a great help during my whole study abroad process. She is very soft spoken and respectful. Whenever I had any doubts, within minutes I would get a reply to my query from her. She has always given me proper and sound advice for my queries."

"The Admissions and Visa Consulting part of Grad-Dreams is also excellent. They have been working from 20 years so they know the right way of how to apply for visa, what all documents to keep and how to prepare for the visa Interview. For me, all the form filling for visa and booking of dates were done by my Advisor and I was given to review it. During my visa interview I was equipped with the necessary documents and was very well prepared for the interview too."



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  • Grad-Dreams helps at every step right from profile evaluation, university selection, application, admission, financial planning, education loan, till VISA and thereafter too.

  • At Grad-Dreams every student is guided by a Dedicated Advisor at every step of the process till you fly to study abroad. To have a Dedicated advisor guide your through your study abroad journey

  • Grad-Dreams is proud of a 99.5% VISA success rate owing to our years of experience and realistic study plan that suits your profile, budget and goals.

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