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Our Strategy for PhD Admissions Abroad

How can I get PhD admission in abroad?
PhD and Doctorate

Student’s going for the Doctoral program abroad need to be very careful about the course & research area selection. We first of all make sure that the candidates are eligible to apply for the PhD program abroad. We do a thorough assessment of complete academic credentials (all semester marks from bachelors, masters & GPA calculation) before we select the right course & university for you. Also we keep in mind the necessity of scholarship & funding options like GA / TA / RA (Graduate, Teaching Research Assistantships) for the postgraduate students that may help the students to get the fee waivers or fully funded PhD program.


We are very careful about the student’s interest in a particular stream or his/her liking. But at the same we are concerned about the family / sponsor’s affordability capacity to fund one or two years of the doctoral program, just in case the financial support is not available from the university initially.


Grad-Dreams’ Consulting has an expertise in assisting students going for the Doctoral (PhD) studies abroad. By joining Grad-Dreams’ Admission Consulting program, you can save your precious time and efforts, if you have a tough time deciding on the right course at a right place. We can help students going for the doctoral programs in the research areas like Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Sciences.


Our sole aim is not only to give the students an opportunity to enter a good university or a college, but also to place them in an environment, where they can grow academically, socially and intellectually. Our expertise is to assist graduate students for the further studies in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Singapore & elsewhere.


Ask yourself a question – “Do you have a passion – ‘a burning desire’ for research? Also do you have any research topic in your mind that always motivated your curiosity?”

You MUST know these questions & their answers before you plan your doctoral studies.


Please read our latest article on Rediff.com, about the PhD studies abroad. You can always contact us, in case of any doubt / query.

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Our Strategy for PhD Admissions Abroad
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