What is the best way to get funding for your PhD?

  • Which are the ways to get my PhD studies funded?

Majority of the universities having an extensive research plans support the students with a stipend & tuition scholarship during the doctoral studies. Though it not only reduces the financial burden, there are various funding plans with regards to the amount or the length of time that a PhD student can get a financial support.

The funding options are intended to help the students meet their cost of studies partially or fully. Before applying to the universities abroad, one should know the exact nature of these funding options available. Some universities for some specific research programs may limit the total number of years for which the financial support can be provided. They may even provide financial assistance for travel to scientific conferences, as per the need of the research program.
It's the universal norm that Assistantships / Scholarships / Financial Aid are given to meritorious students. To avail any kind of financial assistance at an international academic level, one has to prove one's capability among the others. Please ask a question to your self – Why you should get a scholarship or a financial assistance? Why the admission committee or a program director should consider your application for financial aid? How you are going to contribute to their department & in turn to the university?

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  • Industry Funded PhD:

Sometimes professionals can get a chance to work in the industry and simultaneously study for a doctorate part-time which is most of the times completely funded by the employer. In this case the employer makes sure that the right candidate is selected for this research work, where he/she will have to collaborate with the research institute & their team of researchers. The doctoral students not only get a chance to work on real world applications but also frequently interact with the company scientists & visit their laboratories as a part of their doctoral studies.
Depending on the research work, funding most of the times come from the industry, while the university / research institute or the industry can retain the intellectual property rights of the work done. The research students always have bright chances to join the funding company after completion of the research.