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Is there any age limit to study in France?

Is there an age limit for studying abroad?

Is There Any Age Limit To Study in France?


France apart from becoming the hub of global tourism has also managed to build itself as a leading hub for higher studies, especially in the European region. France is the fourth most opted location for higher studies only after the United Kingdom, The United States, and Australia. In 2018, almost 325,000 International students were said to be studying in France making it the most popular non-English speaking country in the world.


The best way to study in France is to consider a direct enrollment with a university listed in France. France does not have strict rules about international students and is rather welcoming. Students will however be required to possess a valid passport and a student visa.

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Not, there is not any restriction in France in terms of age, when it comes to higher studies. People of all ages may freely enroll in courses of their choice. As long as students possess a valid passport and student visa, studying in France should be easy. A formal letter of enrollment however is required to be shown to obtain your student visa. Before studying in France, it is important to make the necessary arrangements to provide for yourself. Certain regions in France, especially Paris can be expensive and students need to arrange for their means of accommodation, transport, and other personal expenditure.


Students, at all points of time, are required to strictly adhere to the Visa requirements and not breach any of the said conditions for their visa may be canceled if found doing so. As a student on a French student visa, you are allowed to work for a total of 964 hours annually which is rather decent. Noncompliance with this may result in serious consequences.




While applying for your French Student Visa, you need to present a valid passport with all necessary credentials along with your letter of enrollment from the concerned University. Your documents should include

  • Filled out Visa Application Form 

A valid Visa application form filled out with all true and accurate details is a must for applying.

  • Two passport-size photographs

Please make sure to keep 2 recent passport-size photographs on hand before applying.

  • Valid passport

Please make sure that your passport is valid and updated and that it is not expired.

  • Letter of enrollment

An official letter of enrollment from the university that you have enrolled with is crucial to obtaining the visa.

  • Proof of Financial means 

A student needs to prove their means of supporting themselves financially with a minimum of 615 EUR per month.



Studying in France can open up a door of opportunities for you. From business to design, France is home to some of the best Institutes in the world and can provide students with great exposure. The location and job opportunities are ample and it is very strategically located making it a very desirable place to pursue your higher studies


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