What is Food Science ?

Food science is a multidisciplinary field that combines chemistry, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, and engineering to provide individuals with the scientific knowledge necessary to address actual issues related to the various components of the food system.

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Studies about Food Science

Food and Food sciences has emerged as a subject of research in recent years. The research has evolved from the variety of cuisines, food ingredients, and food items that are available all around the world. Food sciences can be defined as the study of food ingredients, their chemical properties, edibility, its effects on health, possible modifications and the study of its potential to make it more healthy to consume.

Food Science Courses

Despite shifting employment patterns, a career in the food sector will always be in demand because everyone needs to eat. And a degree through food sciences courses can get you there if you desire a stable, well-paying job in the food industry.

Food Technology Course Details

It's crucial to address food shortages, provide wholesome, nourishing meals, and preserve the standard of food items. However, the demand for domain-specific specialists has grown as a result of the introduction of new technologies. Consequently, courses in Food Engineering and technology have become more popular. Universities and colleges all around the world work to give students who are interested in working in the food industry academic credentials and in-depth training. To better understand its concept and examine its potential in the worldwide market, let's go deeper into numerous food technology courses like BSc food technology, BTech Food Technology, M.A. in Food Science and Nutrition, etc.

Food Technology Courses after 10th

  • Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition courses following the tenth grade in food technology
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Food
  • Food Science Graduate Diploma
  • Food Science Graduate Certificate

Food Technology Courses after 12th

BSc Food Technology
Food Science (B.Sc.)
Bachelor of Science in Food Processing Technology
B.sc Food Science and Quality Control
BTech Food Technology
B.sc(Hons.) in Food Science and Technology
B.E. in Food Technology

Master in Food Science

M.SC in Food and Nutrition
MSc in Food Technology
MSc in Food Science and Technology
M.Sc. in Microbiology and Food Technology
M.Tech. in Food Technology
M.E. in Food Technology
M.E. in Processing and Food Engineering
MTech in Food Engineering and Technology
M.Tech in Food Technology

Doctoral Level Courses

  • PhD in Food Technology
  • PhD in Food Engineering and Technology
  • PhD in Food Science and Technology
  • PhD in Food and Dairy Technology
  • PhD in Food Biotechnology
  • PhD in Agriculture and Food Securities

Job Profiles & Salary of Food Scientist

You can apply for positions depending on your interests, such as production management or research. Here are the top-paying positions in food technology, together with their salaries:

Salary of Lab Technician
40,000 - 55,000 PA
Salary of Biochemist
$49,000 - $65,000 PA
Salary of Food Technologist
60,000$ - 80,000$ PA
Salary of Production Manager
75,000$ - 80,000$ PA.
Salary of Home Economist
75,000$ - 80,000$ PA.

Frequently Asked Questions

For people who are interested in the scientific aspects of food, food technology is an emerging field of study. A BTech can be pursued right away in this area. Candidates with a degree can find employment with ease.
Depending on the university you intend to attend, math may or may not be a requirement for Food Technology. While the majority of Indians demand that candidates have taken math in their 12th grade.
The main applications of this technology include numerous methods for producing, processing, preventing, packaging, labeling, and maintaining the quality of food products. The technologies that are employed to create a product from raw materials also fall under this category.
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