Akhilesh Sonawane

Know how Grad-Dreams helped Akhilesh Sonawane to realise his dream of STUDYING ABROAD
Master's Food Science - Fall 2023
United Kingdom
  • 5.0/5.0

Some valuable feedback from Akhilesh Sonawane

"Talking about the overall experience, it was really great. Like from getting the IELTS coaching from Priya Ma’am to getting my Visa approved with the help of Prajyoti Ma’am, everything was like a small but definitely a beautiful journey. Anyway, I would really like to thank everyone who assisted me in my journey. Happy to be a member of GRAD fam❤️"

""Prajyoti Kalambe Ma’am was my advisor. First of all, thank you so much, Ma’am, for every effort to make the journey possible. Handling a person like me is not that easy. I had umpteen confusion throughout the journey, and Prajyoti Ma’am had umpteen solutions for them. It was a difficult journey, but Ma’am made it look quite easy. She was more serious about the journey than me. XD. She always kept reminding me about the current and next steps, which eventually resulted in next-to-zero-speed brakes. She was perfect at every level, from sending emails and attachments to providing the best possible information about everything. Thank you, Ma’am, for helping even on your off day. Each and everything was important, and I do remember everything. I believe you must be the best advisor in this company. This feedback is for you; thank you once again❤️ 5+ stars!!""

"It was one of the best and in my opinion all credit goes to Prajyoti Kalambe Ma’am❤️."


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