How to build Vocabulary for GRE

How to build vocabulary for GRE?

A good vocabulary is one of the key factors to achieve a good score in the GRE - Graduate Record Examination. The GRE in many ways tests your vocabulary. Building and improving the basic vocabulary of any language requires patience and practice. Although there are several techniques to learn new words, it is better to adopt the method that suits you the best.

Here are a few points to improve your GRE vocabulary:

1. Read books, magazines, blogs, newspapers.
2. Regularly refer to the dictionary for all the words that you do not understand and then try to make your own sentences using those words.
3. It is very important to use the words that you learn while speaking and writing in the proper context.
4. Learn a fixed number of words every day.
5. Try to learn the synonyms for the words you learn.
6. Learn the word comprehensively with its spelling, meaning, the context in which it is used, its pronunciation, etc.
7. Always learn general vocabulary and not related to a specific subject, topic, or industry.
8. Watch videos, movies that will expose you to new phrases and words.
9. Visualize a picture/photo/sight while learning a new word and its meaning. It helps to recollect the words with the memory or sight of the picture.
10. Get familiar with common words before learning the synonyms used in the same context.

1. Do not learn words in alphabetical order. You are less likely to remember them. 
2. Do not follow only one method.
3. Do not decide which words are important.
4. Do not hesitate to ask the meaning when you hear a new word.
5. Do not expect results in a day.