Learning Experience From Life's Most Embarassing Moment

Question: Write about your most embarrassing moment and how you learned from it.
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Embarrassments happen to everyone from time to time. Often, embarrassments don’t cause that much harm as we think they do and they are only remembered as fun memories. For me, many embarrassing moments take place when I am with my friends and cousins when we are hanging out or shopping together. I have also learned from some instances and ensured that it’s not repeated with me.

One such incidence, I would never forget took place when I was in the 9th grade in school. For my final written exam, I received the exam schedule 10 days before the exam. We had 8 subjects and the exam for each subject was lined up within a span of 10 days with 2 holidays. For the 3rd exam, we had a holiday, the day before the exam. I started studying Social Sciences. The exam day arrived and I entered the classroom.

I was all prepared to write an exam on Social Sciences. The supervisor entered the classroom and started distributing the answer sheets at first. On the answer sheet, it was printed ‘Mathematics Exam Answer Sheet’ for the Ninth Grade Annual Exam. I was shocked and confirmed with the supervisor and the student on the desk behind me. Both confirmed that as per the exam schedule that day we had Mathematics exam.

The moment brought me a lot of embarrassment in the classroom. Because of my carelessness, I was going to write an exam for which I had not prepared. I was terrified and requested the supervisor to give me some time to brush up on Mathematics theories before I start. He denied my request as that was against the college’s exam policy. I was left with no choice but to write the paper knowing that I am going to fail. Fortunately, I had prepared thoroughly for Mathematics in the previous months because of which I managed to pass the Mathematics exam. In the subsequent academic years, I always checked my exam schedule before studying for each subject. I also made sure that I confirm the schedule with my friends as well.

Today, after years, I and my friends laugh at this embarrassing incident and they still make fun of me for putting myself into such an awkward situation.

Author - Eesha Acharya

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