Thomas P George

Know how Grad-Dreams helped Thomas P George to realise his dream of STUDYING ABROAD
Master's Sports Science - Fall 2023
United Kingdom
  • 5.0/5.0

Some valuable feedback from Thomas P George

""I am thankful. Grad-Dreams has helped and guided me from day 1 of my study in the UK process. Rutuja Ma'am, Nidhi Ma'am, Aishwarya Ma'am, and very specially Prajyoti Mam, who was my advisor. From the beginning, all my mentors were calm and respectful of me. Whenever I had any doubts, without hesitation, they would clear all my doubts. There were many obstacles, though, regarding my documents and finances. However, the team never gave up on me. They helped me select universities, documents, arrangements, accommodation, scholarships, travel, insurance, and finance. I am really thankful to Prajyoti Ma'am. She never hesitated to answer any of my questions and always gave me the best advice and encouragement to move forward. And more importantly, in the beginning, I was a little nervous as I never met anyone, and if my work was done, I had many doubts. But the team was fantastic. They helped me to develop the trust between me and them. I always had many doubts and questions, but not even once did I get disappointed. My TB test, my fee deposit process, everything was explained to me so wonderfully. Even though I was far away in Rajasthan, the Grad Dreams team never made me feel so. They regularly contacted me regarding all the processes. Grad Dreams made my dreams of studying in the UK come true.""

""Prajyoti Kalambe, Ma'am, was my advisor. My experience with her was totally amazing. I got scared many times because all my processes were delayed at the university, but Ma'am always encouraged and ensured me. I am thankful to the team for giving me such a wonderful advisor.""

""I was advised of the detailed process regarding UK admission. Through Google Meet, criteria, eligibility, and all the other necessary things. And for Visa, Prajyoti ma'am was very helpful. And was regularly taking my updates regarding the same.""

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