Monika Panditputra

Know how Grad-Dreams helped Monika Panditputra to realise her dream of STUDYING ABROAD
Master's Cosmetology - Fall 2021
United Kingdom
  • 5.0/5.0

Some valuable feedback from Monika Panditputra

"I can call Grad-Dreams my family. I can call it my second family. They helped me like hand-in-hand through everything. I believe in them so much, and they never let me down. I hope they open multiple branches around the country. People really need consultants like them everywhere. Though my admission process happened during the challenging pandemic times, they managed everything smoothly. My advisor made me aware of every minute thing required: documents, checklists, and almost everything. Grad-Dreams arranged video calls and assisted me online also during the COVID era."

"My advisor was Mayuri Patil. I will give my advisor 100 stars. I was not expecting such a friendly atmosphere and out-of-the-way kind of help. My advisor was co-ordinating with me on working and non-working days like Sundays. Supporting me from morning to night with the process and resolving my doubts. Kudos to my advisor. She was transparent about the process all the time. She was always there whenever I had any questions. I could repeat my doubts, and she would answer patiently. She is the reason I am flying to the UK. She helped me with courses and university selection and thoroughly studied my profile and needs. I am going to recommend Grad-Dreams to all of my friends and cousins who want to study abroad."

"They helped me thoroughly through my admission and visa process. The visa process was really smooth. My counselor not only helped with the application but also morally supported me. I used to call her whenever I was anxious, and she would calm me down. Grad-Dreams was with me like a family. They were with me all the time. I did not expect to fly during the pandemic time but they gave me the confidence and made it possible. I had financial constraints, but they helped with the financial planning, too. They prepared me literally for everything from the universities to like checklist of things I need to carry while flying abroad. They helped me nail it."



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