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PHD's Chemical Engineering - Fall 2023
  • 5.0/5.0

Some valuable feedback from AAKASH CHAKRABORTY

"What truly sets Grad-Dreams apart is its personalized approach. They treated me not just as a client, but as an individual with unique dreams and aspirations. This made the entire experience feel much more personalized and reassuring. I was kept informed at every stage, and their reassurance and positive attitude during the waiting period significantly reduced my anxiety. "

"I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience working with Sharvari, who was my advisor. With her exceptional guidance and unwavering support, I recently received the fantastic news of my visa approval, and I couldn't be happier. From the very beginning, Sharvari displayed a remarkable level of expertise and professionalism. She took the time to thoroughly understand my situation, goals, and aspirations. Her in-depth knowledge of the visa application process was evident as she provided me with a clear roadmap and tailored advice on how to prepare my application. Throughout the process, Sharvari demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to my case. She was always prompt in responding to my queries and concerns, and her attention to detail was truly commendable. With her guidance, I felt confident that every aspect of my application was meticulously prepared, leaving no room for errors or oversights. The moment I received the news of my visa approval, I knew it wouldn't have been possible without Sharvari. Their expertise, dedication, and genuine care for my success were instrumental in turning my dreams into reality. I am immensely grateful for her support and guidance throughout this journey. If you are considering seeking assistance with your visa application, I wholeheartedly recommend Sharvari. Her professionalism, knowledge, and genuine commitment to your success will undoubtedly make your journey smoother and more successful. Thank you, Sharvari and Grad-Dreams for making my dreams come true! "

"The process is hassle-free, onboarding is smooth and all the execution throughout the process is also very smooth. "



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  • Grad-Dreams is proud of a 99.5% VISA success rate owing to our years of experience and realistic study plan that suits your profile, budget and goals.

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