Describe A Personal Accomplishment That Is Unrelated To Academics

Question: Talk about a personal accomplishment that is unrelated to academics, but that means a lot to you.
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As humans, we are highly dependent on thousands of material things. From the utensils used to cook food to the currency, we have created an infinite number of objects in the world. Some things that we buy are long-lasting and we don’t need to buy them frequently whereas other commodities deteriorate rapidly. They need to be refilled repeatedly. Long-lasting things such as furniture, utensils, electronic devices, soft-toys, storage bags, travel bags, etc can be re-used.

I like to share my things with others and I get immense joy and satisfaction by sharing and donating my things with people who would benefit from them. I believe that everyone deserves to have access to the basic necessities in life and as a human being, it is everyone’s duty to ensure all people have food, a house, and clothes that suit the season. I have been extremely fortunate to have all three in abundance.

Since the time, I started understanding the plight of people facing financial crisis, I wanted to help them reduce their hardship in some way. I started giving away the things in my room which I no longer needed. There were so many items such as books, stationery, clothes, bags, shoes, mugs, wooden and plastic articles of daily use that were lying around at the same place for months. For me, their purpose was over. I observed that someone else out there might be struggling to acquire these things. After realizing this fact, I started donating all the unwanted items to the needy.

Growing up with this attitude, the biggest values I have accomplished are gratitude, relinquishment, and empathy. By donating regularly, I can help others with the items that are still of good quality, in good shape, and not completely worn out. This being said, I have never given away items that have deteriorated in quality and won’t be of any further use.

Today, after years of generously giving away my things to others, I have been able to give up my most beloved items. I can detach from materialistic things to some extent. The thought that my donations have made a positive difference to someone and probably changed their situation is pleasing to me at all times.

Author - Eesha Acharya

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