What is Law ?

Law is a field of study and a profession that deals with social norms and regulations of behavior that are accepted as binding by the community

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Studies in Law

Studying law requires a high level of communication skills, logical reasoning, clarity of mind, and great interpersonal management abilities. Each area of law has its own specialty. Lawyers must have exceptional negotiation and persuasion skills. Along with your legal expertise, subject matter knowledge becomes quite important depending on the specialization you select.

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Median Salary after Degree in Law:

Which country pays Lawyers the most?

Countries where lawyers are paid the most are listed below:

United States
$1,00,000 - $1,50,000
$2,50,000 - 3,00,000 PA
$2,00,000 - 2,50,000 PA
United Kingdom
$1,50,000 - 2.00,000 PA

Law Courses

Bachelor’s Degree in Law to Study Abroad (LLB)

In most countries, the law course lasts three years, with the exception of the United States, where it lasts four years. You study criminal law, labor law, family law, consumer law, human rights law, international law, environmental law, etc. in this course. A law degree earned overseas can facilitate your job advancement.

You have an advantage over the competition if you have a global degree. With a law degree from overseas, you can earn a very good wage, and businesses prefer to work with lawyers who are familiar with international law.

Master’s Degree in Law to Study Abroad (LLM)

Study Masters of Law (LLM): Candidates who pursue an LLM abroad have the chance to learn a variety of talents and gain insight into a wide range of aspects of human existence. Graduates who want to study LLM must have earned their LLB, and it is recommended that they have a solid grasp of the law before continuing their education. Students would have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the arts and social sciences and develop their critical thinking skills by taking master of law (LLM) courses overseas. Law school graduates gain depth and breadth of knowledge in the subjects that most interest them.

To pursue an LLM overseas, Indian students who wish to study abroad must hold an LLB degree. Once candidates have finished successfully, they will be able to obtain employment because big legal companies that are always eager to attract new talent or aspiring attorneys highly value LLM as a professional degree.

What are the Objectives of Studying Law Abroad?

  • To acquire the skills that businesses want
  • Study abroad in a foreign country
  • A variety of alternatives are available
  • Gain from improved industry-academic connections
  • International recognition
  • Access to possibilities for top-notch academics
Here are a few more reasons why students might study law abroad:
Mandatory courses:

In the UK, for instance, students must take seven required courses in subjects like criminal law and contract law. These courses serve as the basis for more complex legal studies.

Specialist or individual modules

may be added as specializations to a course in many circumstances, giving the student the opportunity to tailor their education. Specializations include environmental law, family law, terrorism, and human rights.

Gain sharper perspectives

on any subject through discussion and argument.

Requirements for Admission in Law Programs Abroad

Academic background:

The candidate must have passed the prerequisite exam with a minimum score, for instance.

English Language Proficiency

The candidate must have passed English language proficiency exams like the TOEFL or IELTS (Academic). Please be aware that depending on the institute to which the applicant is applying, different minimum scores may be required on these exams.

Why Study Law Abroad?

Many students and professionals opt to pursue international law degrees since they are among the most profitable degrees. Following are some of the main advantages of studying law abroad:

  • Compared to studying law in India, studying law overseas takes less time.
  • The student will be able to choose to practice law in either India or the nation in which he or she is currently enrolled in law school.
  • A company would undoubtedly hire you if you have experience working with international clients, therefore exposure to the world will help students obtain decent jobs quickly.
  • In comparison to Indian institutions, which take a more theoretical approach, colleges abroad take a more practical skill-based approach.

You will be Equipped to Succeed in any Field with a Law Degree

You must receive a top-notch education if you wish to practice law successfully. Gaining a top-notch, globally recognized degree through study abroad will help you obtain access to opportunities wherever you go.

Although they are typically paired with other disciplines to provide you a well-rounded education, law programs typically teach you the knowledge and abilities you need to practice law professionally.

Gaining A Well-Rounded Education Will Give You The Ability To Think Creatively and Solve any Severe Case

You can apply the broad range of foundational abilities you gain from studying law in a variety of professions. You'll graduate from law school with advanced research and negotiation abilities that are a valuable asset in any career because law is primarily a discipline that helps people resolve disagreement.

  • Work on significant matters in a prominent firm as a lawyer or attorney.
  • By combining law and social work, a trained mediator can assist in resolving conflicts.
  • To create laws that are beneficial to society, draft necessary legislation and communicate with legislators and the government.
  • Serve as an internal advisor to businesses, defending their interests.
  • Alternatively, apply your abilities in business or commerce. Employers highly value legal degrees as an indication of a quality graduate who appreciates the value of effort.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Skills in Study of Law ?

Given the level of competitiveness in the 21st century, one will undoubtedly require a high-class degree to be in a favorable market.

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