What is Humanities and Social Sciences?

Human behavior and interaction in social, cultural, environmental, economic, and political situations are studied in the humanities and social sciences. The humanities and social sciences focus on the past and present, from local to global contexts, and they take current issues into account.

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Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

A major academic specialty is humanities and social sciences, a multidisciplinary field. The study of social behavior, as well as its evolution, adaptations, and other phenomena that have an impact on people all over the world, is included in the social sciences. It is interdisciplinary in the sense that it takes historical, geographic, and cultural information into account while studying, analyzing, and comprehending the virtually endless possibilities of social reactions and behaviors.

Humanities and Social Sciences Courses

Salary in Humanities and Social Sciences

Graduates in the humanities and social sciences can pursue employment in a wide range of fields, including teaching, commerce, media and communication, social services, and many more. Preschool educators, library assistants, research analysts, journalists, economists, and political scientists are a few notable examples. Whatever your hobbies, the major abilities you'll have developed via these subjects will be highly recognized by employers across industries and will serve as a solid foundation for additional degrees in a wide range of specialties.

Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences Course to Study Abroad

The BA Honors with Major in Social Science and Humanities (SSH) program offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to gain a broad liberal arts education while engaging in three School fields in considerable depth over the course of three years. Sociology, psychology, and mathematics.

Median Salary after Bachelor Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences
$70,000 - $80,000 PA
Survey Researcher
$60,000 - $70,000 PA

Master’s Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences Course to Study Abroad

A master's degree in the humanities covers a wide range of topics, including linguistics, history, philosophy, theology, literature studies, and many more.

This term covers a variety of academic disciplines, including history, English, philosophy, foreign languages, classics, and the history of art, as well as sociology, psychology, economics, and political science in the social sciences.

Median Salary after Master Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences
$1,00,000 - $1,20,000 PA
$60,000 - $70,000 PA

PhD in Humanities and Social Sciences Course to Study Abroad

The three-year PhD in Humanities and Social Science program is at the doctoral level. Aspects like communication studies, social and health services, regional development, and economics may be covered as part of the degree, which focuses on the complex social relationships that exist in human society.

Median Salary after Doctoral Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences
$1,50,000 - $2,00,000 PA
Political Scientist
$1,20,000 - $1,50,000 PA

What Other Professions Can Someone In The Humanities and Social Sciences Perform?

Operational Officer/Intelligence Officer

Operational and intelligence personnel defend the nation from dangers like terrorism and cyberattacks. These positions only require a second-class lower division degree or relevant job experience, despite the fact that they are data-driven and require a higher technical background.

Foreign Correspondent

Since you are already familiar with many world leaders and current affairs, you might be able to use part of that information to work as a foreign correspondent. You would be a reporter for print, radio, or television, assigned to cover international issues.

The Benefits of Studying Social Science Abroad for International Students

You Gain Global Perspective on Your Field by Studying Abroad

Humanities and social sciences are not confined to the study of a single society. You must have a deeper awareness of the world—perhaps even a global understanding—to succeed in this sector. Global Education defines global perspectives as having an awareness of the complexity of social, political, and economic ties between individuals and their effects on one another, as well as their respective cultures.

The best method to comprehend and broaden your global viewpoint is to study social sciences and humanities overseas.

Greater Likelihood of Working Abroad

Studying abroad is the ideal approach to achieve your goal of working in some of the largest companies in your field of expertise.

For instance, studying in Switzerland would increase one's chances of landing a job at the UN or in the UK or USA would increase one's chances of getting a job at one of those countries' top IT companies, respectively.

Additionally, if you wish to study anthropology but there aren't many prospects in your country, you can practice it with international businesses and seek jobs in nations with higher demand.

Additional Degree Options

International students and students have the opportunity to tailor their degrees in the social sciences to their areas of interest and enthusiasm.

This is so because many interdisciplinary topics are covered by the disciplines themselves. There are numerous avenues and paths for learning as well.

Additionally, students will undoubtedly acquire transferable abilities like critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and even teamwork, regardless of their chosen career or field.

Imagine doing it abroad now. You have more possibilities and options. There is a great potential that certain specializations that are unavailable in your nation can be imported.

Network Development

Collaboration is also heavily emphasized in the social sciences and humanities. Through your peers, friends from various countries, mentors, and teachers, studying abroad gives you the ability to expand your network.

This translates to a greater opportunity for international collaboration both during your time as an international student and after you graduate and enter the workforce as a professional.

These are only a few justifications for studying social sciences and humanities overseas

Job Opportunities In Humanities and Social Sciences

Why Work in The Humanities and Social Sciences?

The humanities and social sciences are crucial to the development of future societies, which is one solid reason to pursue a career in these fields. They support us in making wiser decisions and developing greater curiosity despite the nearly total digitalization of our generation. Right present, there are a ton of employment opportunities available if you want to work in the social sciences. Additionally, careers in the field have a promising future.

Students who earn degrees in the humanities and social sciences acquire highly adaptive lifelong abilities like persuasive argumentation, team leadership, effective public relations communication, conducting research, assessing massive problems and data sets, and making critical decisions. They raise their standard of living, which enhances the satisfaction, scope, and interest of their careers.

Career With Humanities and Social Sciences

The future of career for students and social science careers varies by industry, educational attainment, and job type. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates that from 2018 to 2028, there will be a 7% growth in the number of jobs in these professions.

In addition, the average compensation for those working in the humanities and social sciences in 2019 was $68,000, which was much higher than the average pay for all other jobs. Nevertheless, due to the diversity of these disciplines, incomes vary by profession.

Essential Skills for Humanities and Social Sciences


For employment as a psychologist or criminal investigator, questioning abilities are crucial. These abilities are helpful for posing questions regarding significant happenings that could result in new discoveries.

Analysis, Investigation, and Assessment

There will always be instructions for field workers, particularly those in library science occupations, to gather information or data and analyze them. Before drawing any conclusions, they must recognize such materials and assess their accuracy and dependability.

Intercultural Competence, Global Learning, or Civic Engagement

These abilities are required when identifying problems by investigating issues, phenomena, and historical artifacts; evaluating evidence to form an opinion; assisting communities in improving their quality of life; researching national and international systems; and encouraging successful interactions in various cultural contexts.

General Competencies for Professionals in the Humanities and Social Sciences


Professionals in the humanities and social sciences must be able to deliver findings effectively for a range of audiences and objectives.

Thinking Creatively

Experts in the humanities and social sciences can accomplish their professions well by using creative thinking. Additionally, it is a crucial ability for one's own growth and comprehension of other people's perspectives.

Critical Reasoning

Practically every sector requires critical thinking because it aids in situation analysis and wise decision-making.

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