What is Chemistry & Chemical Science ?

Chemistry is the branch of science that examines the characteristics, make-up, and structure of substances (specified as elements and compounds), as well as the changes they go through and the energy released or absorbed.

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About Chemistry & Chemical Science

Chemistry and chemical sciences investigate the qualities, traits, and interactions of substances and their mixes under various circumstances, temperatures, and time scales. Inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry are two categories. Biochemistry, Chemical engineering, Forensics, Medicinal chemistry, Material science, and Environmental sciences are some of the additional fields of study that fall under the umbrella of chemistry and chemical sciences. While pursuing a career in this branch of study, several topics may overlap because of their connections to chemistry.

Chemical Science: Specializations and Career Scope

A career in chemical science offers a wide range of job prospects in various businesses around the world, not just one or two. The most popular chemical science specializations are listed below, and students can choose one based on their interests and qualifications:


One of the most sought-after first careers today is biochemistry. It deals with the application of chemistry basics to various biological processes at the molecular and cellular levels. It is a combination of Chemical and Biological Sciences. In other terms, biochemistry is the study of the chemical reactions that take place within living things. You can work in a variety of job categories after finishing educational prerequisites such as a BSc or MSc in Biochemistry, including:

Salary of Food Safety Analyst 50,000$ - 70,000$ PA
Salary of Healthcare Scientist 90,000$ - 1,00,000$ PA
Salary of Scientific Laboratory Technician 50,000$ - 60,000$ PA
Salary of Forensic Scientist 60,000$ - 80,000$ PA
Salary of Biomedical Scientist 70,000$ - 90,000$ PA
Salary of Clinical Researcher 80,000$ - 1,00,000$ PA

Medicinal Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry, pharmacology, and other fields are combined in the field of medicinal chemistry to create new molecules that mimic those found in the human body. It is a field of study that focuses on creating effective medications from pharmaceutical drugs or therapeutic chemicals through design, synthesis, and development. Following are the many job profiles under this branch of chemical science:

Salary of Clinical Data Analyst 80,000$ - 1.00,000$ PA
Salary of Medicinal Chemist 1,00,000$ - 1.10,000$ PA
Salary of Biochemist 60,000$ - 80,000$ PA
Salary of Production Chemist 1,00,000$ - 1.10,000$ PA
Salary of Chromatograph 40,000$ - 50,000$ PA
Salary of Patent Analytic 70,000$ - 90,000$ PA

Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear chemistry is a branch of chemistry that examines changes to an element's nucleus, the study of radioactive elements, harnessing processes, and the effects of these on matter and living things. To address problems including the disposal of radioactive waste, nuclear power generation, and several other medical treatments, this chemical science speciality offers a thorough understanding of radioactivity and nuclear changes. The following is a list of possible careers in nuclear chemistry:

  • Nuclear Chemist
  • Material Engineer
  • Medical researcher
  • University Professor
  • Radiochemists
  • Radiation Chemists


Astrochemistry is a specialty area that focuses on the study of matter, its composition, and behavior in space. It crosses over a number of disciplines, including chemical science, physics, astronomy, planetary science, computational science, spectroscopy, biology, etc. Astrochemists, chemical engineers, research scientists, university professors, and other professionals with a focus in this area predominate.

Chemical Engineering

One of the most popular degree programs following 12th grade science is chemical engineering. The field incorporates not only the components of Chemistry but also those of Physics, Biology, and Mathematics with the goal of processing and producing valuable goods while caring about the safety of the environment and medical health issues. You may want to think about the following positions in chemical engineering:

  • Analytical Chemist

  • Materials Engineer

  • Mining Engineer

  • Production Manager

  • Quality Manager

  • Energy Manager

  • Manufacturing Engineer

  • Environmental Engineer

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