Sample SOPs For Masters In Marketing Management

Here is One Sample SOP for Studying Masters In Marketing Management

Marketing has gained an irreplaceable place in the modern world, and it is interlinked with every aspect of business, trade, commerce. Seeing my father sell household devices in an electronics shop, I developed an interest in Sales and Marketing from an early age. Over time, Business Management became my mainstream career choice after High School. I opted for Bachelor’s in Business Administration which has prepared me to pursue a niche marketing course from your internationally reputed university and take my career to the next level. I am certain that the Master’s in Marketing Management offered by your revered university will be a lucrative choice to continue my advanced education.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida, India, in 2017. The undergraduate program played a vital role in developing my management skills and leadership qualities through its rigorous and highly interactive curriculum. Most importantly, it improved my communication by way of the weekly group or individual presentations. By the end of the three years, I was adept at conveying my point of view confidently and articulately. We worked on many projects and a dissertation in the final year, which required us to complete a 3-month internship in one of the partner organizations.

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