Sample SOPs For Masters In Automobile/Automotive Management.

Here is One Sample SOP for Studying Masters In Automobile/Automotive Management.

“Cars are the sculptures of our daily lives.”-Chris Bangle

Growing up in a semi-urban area in India, I rarely got to see high-end cars; whenever I visited my relatives in big cities the luxury cars always amazed me. I never played with toy cars in childhood, rather I spend hours dismantling the cars to know their features and functions. Over the years this curiosity turned into a full-time career. My passion for Automobile Engineering stems from this background along with my Bachelor’s in the Mechanical Engineering field. I am now ready to plunge into an array of opportunities that suit my career interests and I believe that a Master’s Degree in Automobile Engineering will be a stepping stone for me to fit the demands of the global Automobile industry. Hence, I am making this application to study at your prestigious institution and benefit from your phenomenal excellence.

My Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering was a course that kept me intrigued and retained my interest in the field of Engineering. It was an interactive program that built the foundation for me to understand the basics and develop imperative technical skills. It added numerous inputs to my knowledge, especially in subjects like Dynamics of Machinery, Machine Design, Design of Machine Elements, Thermodynamics, etc. In the 3rd year, we participated in the National Engineering Challenge Competition. I represented my college with 2 other participants and we won the 2nd prize in the Aeronautical challenge round.

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