What is Psychometric Evaluation, and why is it required?

Psychometric evaluation is an assessment that helps identify your innate talents, which are your abilities or natural way of thinking, behaving, or feeling. These abilities can be further developed into strengths with practice, investing time in increasing your knowledge, and further refining these innate abilities and skills.

The Psychometric Evaluation offered by Grad-Dreams follows a statistics based dynamic talent assessment that will help you:

  • Discover your innate abilities that are intrinsic to your personality
  • Understand how these natural talents can be developed into strengths and decide the best academic or professional path you are bound to excel
  • Your personalized report and the detailed results followed by the one-on-one analysis from our counselor will enable you to explore your potential to the best

Who should take the Psychometric test?


If you are confused about the study area you should pursue for your future education, then taking up the psychometric test will give you a clear idea of your strengths. You can decide the most suitable study areas for an assured bright career.


Often we are faced with the questions like ‘Who I am’ and ‘What am I good at?’. It is essential that each of us knows our strengths irrespective of the stage of life at which we are. Psychometric evaluation enables you to introspect and validate your innate talents and abilities, which can be further developed into unlimited potential.


Employers who are keen on providing training to the employees can benefit enormously from the psychometric evaluation as it will allow them to understand the intrinsic skills and talents of their employees and thus provide personalized training, consequently developing them to create a robust, productive, and efficient team. It improves employee engagement and job satisfaction, thus enhancing the overall productivity of the organization


  • World renowned American evaluation.
  • A dynamic statistics based evaluation NOT theory based like most other evaluations.
  • Follow up with a one on one conversation with an American counselor.
  • Saves time in researching the appropriate career.
  • Saves money spent in switching study programs due to dissatisfaction.
  • Offers peace of mind for parents and students
Psychometric Testing & Service
INR 7000
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