Describe Something You Are Passionate About You Are Passionate About

Question: Describe something you are passionate about. How do you learn more about it? What makes it so appealing?
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Passion adds purpose to your days. This is an important piece of advice that I received from my parents in childhood. I struggled to know what my passion was in school but as I entered my teenage years and started going to high school, I realized that I would never give up on Photography. When I was 13 my father bought a DSLR camera and I was fascinated by its functionality and image quality. I clicked many pictures and tried to understand every function of the camera. In a year, I joined a 2 month Basic Photography Course and learned how to professionally use the camera with simple photography techniques. I continued with advanced courses as well.As I turned 15, I once, accompanied my cousin, who is a professional photographer on a wedding photography assignment. That day I enjoyed clicking portraits for wedding guests, the bride, and the groom. I had never clicked portraits before but when I got the chance to click photos with lights, make-up, and colorful decorations, I was amazed at the outcome.

When my cousin looked at my photographs, he was highly impressed and insisted me to create a portfolio of my own. With great enthusiasm, I immediately started working on it. I was also interested in wildlife, and landscape photography. For this purpose, I made a few trips to the beautiful terrains in North India and some wildlife sanctuaries. In the last few years, I have joined many photography groups, and with guidance from photographers across the country, I have been able to explore a variety of photography techniques.

I also participated in photography competitions organized by different Art and Exhibition centers. By collaborating with such great photographers I have learned unique ways of using my camera. To fulfill my photography goals, I saved from my pocket money for many months and bought a better camera lens for myself.

In recent years, Photography has developed into a great passion and on leisure days you will mostly find me with my camera on the beach trying to capture the perfect sunset or chasing a Barn owl on a lakeside. Photography has given me purpose and brought out the best in me. It has boosted my confidence and used my creative excellence in versatile ways. I treasure my passion for photography and always want to be associated with this art. It keeps me engrossed and is my biggest stress-buster. I believe Photography will have a special place in my life and I will ensure that even with busy schedules, I make time for my camera and keep seizing special moments and memories through my photos.

Author - Eesha Acharya

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