Best Study Abroad Destinations For UAE Students

Top 8 Study Abroad Destinations For Students FromUnited Arab Emirates

UAE- An Introduction

UAE is a Western Asian Nation situated in the Gulf of Persia and shares borders with Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar. UAE is the United Arab Emirates but is generally called the Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is a sovereign country with its seven emirates. The estimated population of the UAE is approx. 9.89 million, and it captures a total of 83,600 km2 area. Abu Dhabi is the capital city, whereas Dubai is the biggest city in the UAE. UAE has a  Federal elective constitutional monarchy and it accepts Arabic as its official language.

Education System in UAE

UAE is generally known for its vast oil reserve, but UAE is also very active in the educational field. UAE is a concerning nation and takes its education policies very sincerely. Education is compulsory for every UAE citizen. There are three education policy stages, first is primary, second is secondary, and the third one is high school. There are both private & government institutes are available. Education in the government institutes is free, whereas private charge tuition fees. UAE government is trying it all so that it can cater to students with quality education.

Why Should You Study Abroad?

There are some excellent universities and institutes in UAE that conform to world standards but still, many parents wish to send their child to an overseas nation and the reason being quality education with career possibilities. Students from the UAE prefer to study in western countries like the UK, Germany, and France. The UAE government is modifying its education system for better results, and that is why they are looking for internationally accredited bilingual teachers to provide excellent training. But how long it would take for UAE to become a study destination until then, there is only one option available to study abroad from a well-recognized institute.

Top Study Destinations

If you search for the top-most study hotspots, many countries are lying on the list, and a few of them are as listed below, where you can go and study in your preferred field.

1.    France:

France has much to offer you like, you can get both professional and functional knowledge while studying. France takes care of each student, and for that, it provides student conveniences such as a world-class library, high-tech labs, etc. It enables students to have a stable college life without any stress. France does it all to give a familiar environment so that you do not miss your motherland.

2.     Germany:

Studying in Germany can be exciting as you can get the chance to earn a scholarship and minimize your tuition fee up to zero. Germany also helps you in finding a cheap and affordable home so that nothing goes out of your budget. The opportunity to live in a different culture, meet people from different corners of the world, and the mesmerizing environment will keep you motivated to study with proper concentration.

3.     Ireland:

Ireland has a very characterful culture, unique traditions, and customs, which can mesmerize anyone. As we know that Ireland is a part of the UK and close to various European nations, a study in Ireland can give you access to many European states. Education in Ireland is designed to help you explore new possibilities respective or irrespective of your field.

4.     USA:

There are many reasons to tell you why the USA is an ideal study destination for you. If you study there, that means you are in one of the excellent academies in the world. You can also earn while you complete your study as there are options for you to work along with your education. If you are a rank holder and excellent in academics, you might get a scholarship there.

5.     UK:

Studying from the UK not only equips you with world-class knowledge but also gives you a broad research opportunity. This researches can surely help you in your professional career as you work with a team of highly qualified professors and interns. Apart from education, you will get opportunities to explore a different culture and food and can learn new languages.

6.     Canada:

The main reason behind choosing an overseas study destination is the environment that suits you and helps you in keeping stress away. Canadian administration will give you a perfect environment & a vibrant campus life. It develops a happy and peaceful environment for every student. It can also help you in interacting with new people besides keeping the homesickness away.

7.     Japan: 

Japan is regarded as the third-largest national economy in the world, after the United States and China, in terms of GDP, and also ranks fourth in the world's largest national economy. This robust economy and many big industries make Japan the best education center because students can study the world-class syllabus and have an internship with these big companies to have hands-on experience.

8.     Netherlands:

The Netherlands has a diverse culture, reflecting the regional differences and the foreign effects built up by centuries of the Dutch people's explorative spirit. The Netherlands and its cultural liberalism and tolerance and this are what present it the peaceful nation for global students. They can study here with every facility and a student-friendly atmosphere around.  


UAE has everything a developed nation should have. It has a strong economy, world-class architecture, big malls, and the tallest towers globally, but somewhere it lacks is a world-class education. UAE attracts every big industry, every big business, but it needs to attract international students. So, students from the UAE can choose to study abroad as there are various options available. Many countries are providing scholarships for some degree programs. Some nations are easy to settle, some are easy to relocate, and some are easy for maintenance. A country like Germany can help you in reducing your tuition fee, and Canada can help to stay in a crime-free environment, and a country like Australia can help you to keep yourself fit and eats healthy food.

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