Best Study Abroad Destinations For Qatar Students


Qatar- An Introduction

Qatar is a Western Asian state situated in the Persian Gulf. It is an Arab country that shares its borders with Saudi Arabia. Qatar is famous for its oil reserves and also for its dunes. Qatar has Doha as its capital city and Arabic as its official language. The government type in Qatar is a Unitary Semi-constitutional monarchy. Qatar captures a total of 11,581 km2 area with an approx. 2.7 billion population. Qatar is a country that continuously ranks among the top three nations in the Human Development Index. Qatar has managed to emerge as a vital power in the Arabic countries.

Education System in Qatar

Qatar is among those Arab countries that require the education system to be perfect as the literacy rate is not that impressive in the nation. The education system is divided into stages for different grades. Qatar has established an education city for its students and outlined a ten-year-long educational plan to upgrade its literacy rate. The government has launched some programs to help them reach each of its citizens and make them aware of education. Qatar is in collaboration with many institutes to upgrade its education standard.

Why Should You Study Abroad?

Qatar is a developing country that needs its education system to be upgraded by the government as soon as possible because the literacy rate is not that good in the country. Especially the women literacy rate, which was just below 5% in recent surveys. None of the universities situated in Qatar ranks in the top 100 list. Students who want to make their career need to go to an overseas country because of the lack of facilities. So, in that situation, you have only one way to educate yourself and make a progressing career. Many top-ranking universities are welcoming students around the world and providing them proper facilities.

Top Study Destinations for Qatar students

There are different study destinations in the world, but a few of them are listed below to help you in choosing a perfect destination.

  1. France: France has been the world's most popular destination due to its geographical diversity, rich culture, different variety of food, and history. France is home to emerging technology, discovery, and advancement, and this can be very motivating for you because you will study in such a great country, which can also help you in becoming creative.

2.     Germany: Germany has the universities that are providing a wide range of courses in the higher education field. Universities and institutions give quality education and also offer you education and scientific research opportunities for future goals. Germany has various recognized institutions and colleges, providing many educational study programs in different fields.

3.     Ireland: Ireland is also known as the Republic of Ireland, and its economy is primarily a knowledge economy that focused on education into high-tech, life sciences, financial services courses. The education standard of Ireland is best in the world and ranks in the seventh position with many top-level universities. Ireland always keeps a focus on research and global collaboration, and that is why studying in Ireland can give you a great start in your career.

4.     US: The USA has been the dream destination for every student in the world who surely wants to go abroad for their higher education. One should prefer to pursue a degree from the USA because of its Quality teaching, a world-class syllabus, a multicultural and peaceful environment, and possibilities to get a job. The USA has been the most versatile nation and providing quality education to its student.

5.     UK: The UK is among the most searched destinations for higher studies. The UK is known to be in the top five destinations that welcomes the most number of international students in the world. There are many universities established in the UK that get the top positions in the list of top 100 universities around the world. So, studying from the UK will get you a highly respected degree and career opportunities in every corner of the world.

6.     Canada: Canada is one of the nations that beliefs in quality education, and this is one of the most needed factors why students prefer to study in Canada. A degree received after the completion of studies from any Canadian universities acts as the mark of trust and excellence. There are many universities in Canada that rank high in top world rankings. Whether it’s a graduate degree or a post-graduate degree from Canada, you can positively build a progressive career.

7.     Japan: Japan is a powerful country and a member of many world organizations. Japan is well known for its art, food, culture, and music. These factors are required for any nation to be a good study hotspot. Japan has a strong economy with many developed industries situated there. Japan always tries to provide every support and facility to each global student so that they can learn and explore as much as they want.

8.     Netherlands: The Netherlands is the 12th most densely populated nation in the world and the 2nd most densely populated country in Europe. The Netherlands is a part of various global organizations and the European Union. The Netherlands also ranks in the top position in different global indexes. It has maintained a low crime rate and a high happiness index, which makes it the safest country for an international student to get their selves graduates from here.


Qatar is performing well economically as it’s a part of oil exporter countries. It also does well in the human development field but needs to perform well in the educational domain as well. A large number of students migrate to the overseas nation in search of higher degrees. A student from Qatar can choose any overseas study destination and pursue an anticipated degree. Many forthcoming opportunities are waiting for you to make your dream come true and achieve your goals. Top study destinations like Germany, the UK, Australia, and the US are welcoming students from every corner as providing them quality education, scholarships, and world-class facilities.

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