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Study Masters (MS) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering In Canada

Is Canada good for MS in Electrical Engineering?



#Canada - An Introduction

Canada, the second-largest nation in the universe and a neighbor to the USA has the most educated people in the universe. Canada also has one of the world's most ethnically distinct and multicultural societies. Being a multicultural realm, Canada has various interesting festivals and cultural displays that take place throughout the year. Being an advanced nation, Canada is having globally, the seventeenth-highest nominal per-capita income.

  • Capital: Ottawa

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar

  • Area: 9.985 million km2

  • Languages: English, French

  • Population: 3.76 Crore (Approx.)


#What is MS in Electronics & Electrical Engineering?

MS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a domain which includes various important areas and topics like bioelectrical studies, system & control, device functioning, circuits, signal processing & photonics, and electromagnetic. These are the topics and points which are very important in the field of E&E Engineering, and for becoming an efficient engineer you must conquer each of these topics. Good & strong command over the important concepts will also enhance your skill & knowledge. Because being an engineer your analytical & reasoning skills are highly required in the particular engineering field.


#To get that analytical skills you must possess a perfect program and for that here are some of the important courses mentioned below:


  1. MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  2. MTech in Electrical Engineering

  3. MS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automation and Robotics (Fast-Track)

  4. MSc in Electrical Engineering

  5. MSc in Electronics Engineering

  6. MTech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  7. MS in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

  8. Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  9. MESc in Electrical and Computer Engineering

  10. MSc in Electronics Systems Engineering


#Why Should You Pursue MS in Electronics & Electrical Engineering

  • Pursuing an MS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering will open many opportunities for you such as you may get to work in many developed countries which are much advanced in technology as well

  • If you get to work in a country well advanced in technology then you'll also be in touch with the advanced technology and new inventions which will be a plus point for you

  • With a perfect degree, you can make yourself open for many opportunities where you'll be working with many great companies in the field of research and advancement

  • The important fact is that you will get a good salary and a superior post in your present company and maybe in another company. Because companies are always looking for someone with higher degrees and good analytical skills

  • An MS in E&E Engineering will expand your working area and allow you to work in many fields like designing of electronics components, development of new components & systems, and you can be a surveyor or a researcher

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#Canada as Your Study Destination

An MS degree from Canada is all set to meet the prerequisite requirement by all global job recruiters. The education system of Canada is set in a way that will strengthen your basic skills so that you can be a good professional. This education system will motivate you, guide you, and prepare for a fruitful career, so that you never struggle with your degree in hand. Universities and colleges in Canada have also collaborated with many big business organizations and leaders so that you can get proper practical training and carry out research work.


Tuition Fees & Scholarships

An MS degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Canada is a program that will enhance your analytical and mathematical knowledge. But for such a great degree and great knowledge, you must take admission to a great university but for that, you have to pay more amount. There are universities whose fee structure varies largely between 10,000 USD and 55,000 USD. There are other universities also but few are offering scholarships to their students and these scholarships can help a little in lowering their tuition fee. The amount of these scholarships can be from 500 USD to 9,000 USD. But to get these you must have to be eligible by scoring good grades.


Housing and Living Costs

Being an international scholar means you have so many expenses like home, books, internet, food, transportation, and clothing. The biggest expense is housing cost which is never going to be easy but can be pocket friendly, but for that, you must have some time to analyze and find the best and cheap accommodation for yourself. The cost of living in Canada is not that much as compared with other destinations. This country is pocket friendly and fits into your budget. The best and affordable housing & living amount there would be around 7200 USD to 9500 USD per year. But if your demands and standard of living are high then you have to pay an extra amount otherwise it'll all under your budget.


What are the Requirements?

If you want to study any course for more than 3 months in Canada, you will need a study permit and a few more documents before applying for your study permit.

  • Academics records (10th, 12th, UG reports)

  • An acceptance letter from your university, and

  • A valid passport or travel document 

  • Proof that you can support yourself

  • Financial status

  • Proof of funding for living expenses for yourself

  • Health report

  • Bank statement (in case of an educational loan)

  • Passport size photos

  • Visa status

  • Valid passport



Canada a nation that is regarded as a government that is the best to date as it has managed to sustain itself as a clear and non-contaminated. Universities and academies in Canada normally focus on learning methods and education training offered to the students. They mainly focus on skill-enhancing and professionalism through theoretical and practical sessions. You will also like the cultural values and diversity of Canada which will surely mesmerize you, and when you go there in Canada your linguistics skills will also be improved as the official languages are English and French. You'll learn a new language and this will add a plus point in your CV and be helpful in a career perspective. There're so many business giants situated in Canada that might be helpful in your job field to grow it.


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