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Study Masters (MS) in Architecture In Canada

Is Canada good for masters in architecture?

Study MS In Architecture In Canada



Studying in Canada - An Introduction


Its superior economy is also the tenth-largest on the planet. Canada also places its position at number four in terms of having the most extensive volume of freshwater lagoons. Canada is worldwide acknowledged as a central potential due to its function in universal relationships with an inclination to track all multilateral promises. Canada is a land with large areas and rich natural resources. Canada is multicultural and full of diversity and it has diversity in language also as English and French are both its official languages.

  • Capital: Ottawa

  • Currency: Canadian Dollar

  • Area: 9.985 million km2

  • Languages: English, French

  • Population: 3.76 Crore (Approx.)


Studying MS in Architecture


Architecture is a domain which is said to be a pillar of design engineering as it teaches us how to design a building or structure. Architecture is also responsible for making the structure or building aesthetically and functionally stable. An MS in Architecture will guide you on how to use the principle of durability, utility, and beauty together in the design and development of a building. An MS in Architecture will take you to a career-oriented path where you can be an urban designer, structural engineer, design architect, and landscape architect. You'll be taught various aspects of designing during MS in Architecture, and the use of the various designing tools.

You'll learn about the science of designing, 3D designing, and computer-aided design, and landscape architecture. 


  1. MS in Urban System

  2. MS in Architecture

  3. MS in Urban Planning

  4. MS in Urban studies

  5. MS in Ecological Restoration

  6. MS in Ocean and Architecture Engineering

  7. MS in Architecture and Landscape Architecture

  8. MS in Architectural Studies

  9. MS in Urban Designing

  10. MS in Rural Planning and Development


Why Should You Pursue an MS in Architecture?


  • An MS degree in Architecture will teach you everything about designing, rules of designing, where to use it, how to use it. Overall it'll enhance your designing skills

  • If you love creativity, and designing then this degree program will give you all the room to enhance all your creative skills and knowledge

  • This program will also expose you to different computer tools like CAD, which are very useful in designing and help you to analyze and plan all your projects

  • MS in Architecture will make you open for the jobs that are well paid and don't require any managerial skills. This job will give you a fast career growth as well

  • With the MS in Architecture, you can get a job anywhere in the world like Canada, the USA, Australia. And you'll find a highly paid job easily ranging between $1000 and $35000 per month


Canada as Your Study Destination


Canada ranks second in the most liked study destination searched by international students across the globe. Over fifteen percent of students at Canadian universities in 2018 came from every edge of the earth. Canada is also an attractive address to inquire and Canadian university degrees are highly admired and acknowledged by employers worldwide. Canadian academies offer excellent teaching and research support, and this is how it is ranking among the most effective place within the world.


Tuition Fees & Scholarships

The nominal cost for seeking an MS in Architecture in Canada is around 12,000 to 60,000 USD. There are different types of MS courses in Architecture specialization and students can study there in Canada at a very affordable charge, maintenance expenses are also less. Public-funded and Private MS schools in Canada. Private high schools are not funded by the government so they seem to very intense about their tuition charges. The tuition charges which they set may be nearby 25,000 USD a year. So tuition charges to pursue an MS degree might vary largely as per the selection of universities, and that perhaps at public institutions will be 15,000 USD each year and for private universities fee will up to 60,000 USD. There are different universally accepted programs that Canadian universities offer come under various scholarships that help international students by allowing them to study in Canada at the most affordable charges. So these universities offering many scholarships to international students can be anywhere between $1500 and $3000.

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Housing and Living Costs


When deciding to go out of your home town to pursue a degree, it comes with an extra expense. Whether you're in the same country or an overseas nation this extra burden of living cost will be with you. And when it comes to a foreign country it means you have to keep a large amount in your savings because housing and living expenses are not going to be easy. But that can be sorted by preplanning, all you got to do is just research about the locations and accommodation available there so that you can have a budget-friendly accommodation with you during your whole degree program. The housing and living cost will be around 7000 USD to 9,000 USD per year including all your basic needs.


What are the Requirements?


If you want to study in Canada, you'll need a study permit few more documents before applying for your study permit.

  • Academics records (10th, 12th, UG reports)

  • An acceptance letter from your education institution, and

  • A valid passport or travel document 

  • Proof that you can support yourself

  • Financial status

  • Proof of funding for living expenses for yourself

  • Health report

  • Bank statement (in case of an educational loan)

  • Passport size photos

  • Visa status

  • Valid passport




Canada a study destination that is recommended by so many previous and current scholars. Canada is a place where you get your career dreams to come true. Apart from being so developed and excellent in technology, Canada is also a beautiful and vibrant place to roam. If you pursue an MS degree from a place like Canada then you'll be prepared yourself for the leadership on the global platform. An MS degree from Canada will provide you all the skills with broad knowledge about all the businesses and the latest business trends. A successful career can only be pursued by carrying a perfect MS degree from a reputed University. This degree will equip you with all the knowledge to encounter your doubts and problems in a career and drive it on the road of success and it'll also take you into management or business where you can contribute to a global economy.




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