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Is Vanier scholarship for Masters?
Scholarships and Financial Aid



The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS), which is supported by the Canadian government, provides financial assistance to doctoral candidates who meet the eligibility requirements to pursue postgraduate and research studies in Canada. Students from more than 20 Canadian universities are eligible to apply for the scholarship programme.


  • Every year, around 166 Vanier CGS scholarships are offered to deserving candidates.

  • The Vanier Graduate Scholarship provides recipients with a stipend of 50,000 Canadian dollars each year.

  • The scholarship is valid for three years and can be renewed.

  • The nomination for Vanier CGS from an eligible applicant must be sent by a specific university in Canada where the applicant intends to study.

  • Applications for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are accepted beginning in April and must be completed by the end of November.

  • The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship nomination packet must be submitted by the applicant in order for the application process to be completed.


The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program selects scholarship recipients based on their capacity to display leadership, their aptitude for research, and their academic accomplishment, among other criteria.



In order to be considered for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, a student must meet all of the requirements listed below.


  • Citizenship:

Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and international students are all eligible to apply for citizenship (present in Canada on the student visa).

  • Nomination:

A candidate must be nominated by only ONE Canadian university that has been approved under the Vanier CGS quota, such as the University of Toronto, the University of Calgary, and so on.

Each year, a limited number of applications are accepted for consideration for the scholarship programme.

  • Area of research:

Research in the natural sciences and/or engineering

Health-related research

Research in the social sciences and humanities


  • Level of Study:

Pursuing a first Canadian doctoral degree (which may include a dual UG/PG research programme, such as an MD/Ph.D., DVM/Ph.D., or a JD/Ph.D.) is the goal.

  • Enrollment:

Intend to pursue a course in full-time doctoral study and research during the summer semester or the academic year after the findings, whichever comes first.

  • Duration of Study:

By May 1, 2021, the duration of the study CANNOT have been more than twenty months.

  • Academic Score:

A first-class average must have been earned in each of the last two years of full-time study or its equivalent in order to be considered for admission.

  • Other Criteria:

Other requirements include having never previously received a doctoral-level grant or fellowship from NSERC, CIHR, or SSHRC.


The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is only available for the Ph.D. portion of a combined degree.




There are two ways to apply for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship:

  • The applicant notifies the graduate faculty of their chosen university of their intention to apply to the Vanier CGS programme; or

  • The nomination procedure is started by the institution contacting a suitable candidate.

  • UWaterloo, for example, will assess its student body and suggest eligible students.


In order to be considered, the applicant must complete a scholarship application and send it to their nominating institution by the internal deadline specified on the scholarship application.


Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship ResearchNet Application Process:


  • Open ResearchNet and finish all of the tasks indicated in the Vanier CGS application guidelines.

  • Before submitting your application, use the "Preview Application Materials" task to preview the entire package.

  • Print the application in its entirety and save the PDF version.

  • After completing the "Consent and Submit Application" procedure, submit the electronic application using ResearchNet.


#The following elements are included in a complete Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship nomination package: the following documents:


  • A 2-page Personal Leadership Statement

  • Should demonstrate how the candidate's doctorate research has been shaped by the obstacles and possibilities encountered.

  • A summary of achievements, leadership, volunteerism, and other activities

  • A ResearchNet application form (with two letters of reference)A unique URL will be issued to referees, allowing them to complete their assessments online.

  • A Research Proposal (max 2 pages)

  • Project References (max 5 pages)

  • A CCV

  • Contributions to the Field of Research (limit one page)

  • Participation in the research, selection of the research media, collaboration with other researchers, and so on.

  • Two letters of recommendation from leaders (max 2 pages)


Because the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship selection committee is composed of individuals from a variety of disciplines, submissions should be prepared with a non-specialist research readership in mind. Furthermore, all application documents must be written in either French or English, with no exceptions.

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Attempts are made by the Vanier CGS programme to recruit and retain PhD candidates who are highly qualified in their respective professions. Those appointed to the selection committee are drawn from the ranks of Canada's intellectual community, which includes professors and researchers.


Those that serve on the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship selection committees are representatives of the three principal government granting bodies, and they are in charge of making the awards and selections for the scholarships.

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is awarded based primarily on three criteria:

  • Academic Excellence

  • Research Potential

  • Leadership (potential and demonstrated ability)

Other significant factors include

  • Nomination letter (signed by the department head )

  • Canadian Common CV (CCV)

  • Institution transcripts

  • Leadership Reference Letters

  • Personal Leadership Statement

  • Two Leadership reference Letters

  • Project References

  • Research proposal

  • Research contributions

  • Referee Assessments

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is a merit-based prize that covers nearly all of a student's expenses throughout their graduate studies. The Vanier CGS Scholarship 2022, a Canadian higher education programme, is detailed in the table below, which includes all of the pertinent information.


Number of Scholarships


Scholarship award

50,000 CAD

Award Distribution

Annually; Renewable

Selection Factors

Research Potential; Academic Performance; Leadership Skills


CCV; ResearchNet form; References; Research Proposal; Personal Statement


Between April and November, applicants must confirm that they have been recommended by their preferred ranking university in Canada, if one exists. After that, it is the applicant's responsibility to complete the Vanier Graduate Scholarship application by the specified deadline.


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