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University Admissions Counseling & Visa Assistance

Admission Counseling & Visa Guidance - FACT

We offer a personalized counseling to take 'right' decisions to choose a 'right' program, university & country. We offer generic counseling for higher education in the leading universities of the world. We are the official representatives of the number of top universities & colleges around the world with a strong alumni network worldwide. Our nine years of experience ranges from working extensively with the prestigious Ivy leagues colleges & top public universities in the United States of America, top quality colleges from Canada, United Kingdom & Singapore, where there is a value for money and few select schools from European Union, i.e. Germany, France, Sweden & Netherlands where the cost of education is very less or zero!


We help you take the right decisions with regards to universities, courses, and aspects that will get you the right match between your needs and the university requirements for the students to get admissions into the top programs.

Our processes include selection of right universities and programs, assistance with complete documentation & financial aid, an expert visa counseling service and the guidance at all crucial steps of the application process.

Our Ph.D Admission Counseling Plan mainly includes:     

o    University Selection,
o    Preparing the Documentation, (Application packets to be sent to the Universities.)
o    Total Cost Estimation
o    Visa Documentation & Mock interviews


We select the universities that suits your needs and budget & also fulfils the requirements set by the colleges / universities.  Here we actually conduct a thorough research in following areas:

  •   University & it's accredition
  •    The program / course & it's content's,
  •    Total cost (that includes: tution + living expenses),
  •    Minimum test scores / GPA required & any other requrements,
  •    Scholarships / Financial Aid / Teaching Assistantships (TA) / Research Assistantships (RA)
  •    Rsearch work experience
  •    Total number of credit hours to complete the course,
  •    Faculties & their ongoing research,
  •    Funding or total dollar endowment to the school for the current year( . .very Imp !! )
  •    Number of international students going to that program & university,
  •    Acceptance / Rejection rate of those universities / collges,
  •    Placements offered by that school,
  •    On campus housing & jobs available.
  •    Crime rate & weather

Depending on your test score (GRE / Subject GRE / TOEFL / IELTS), we finalize the total number of applications to be sent to various universities. It also depends on the program / course you are interested in. The total estimate of application process will be given to you in advance. A counselor assigned to you will be guiding you during the entire process.

Visa Guidance & Counseling includes:

o            Assistance in preparing the complete documentation
o            Online forms & bookings
o            arrangement of docs & mock interviews.

By using our affordable services, you can definitely save a considerable amount, that would have been needed to invest in counseling elsewhere.

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