Top Universities in Mexico Cities, Rankings, Fees


Where are the best universities in the world located?

Well, they could be anywhere – and that includes Mexico! In Mexico, there are a plethora of top-ranked universities that take their equitable position next to some of the largest international university names. Mexico's universities, engineering schools, medical schools, colleges, and law schools are extremely distinguished and renowned in the education and academic communities, and they offer recognized Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate programs for smart, motivated students. There is a lot to choose from in Mexico, which hosts some of the most valuable degrees in the best universities.

1. National Autonomous University of Mexico

The National Autonomous University of Mexico, also known as Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) is rated 113th in the world University rankings and finds itself in the top spot in the Mexico University Rankings. UNAM is a public university that has a huge student population of almost 350,000, spread across numerous campuses in Mexico City and beyond. In 2007, UNAM’s main campus became one of Mexico’s UNESCO Heritage Sites. The campus, which combines elements of 20th-century modernism and traditional Mexican culture, has been commended by UNESCO as an appropriate acknowledgment of the country’s progress since the revolution of 1910-20, and to the importance of education.

2. Tecnológico de Monterrey

The Tec de Monterrey, a private institution, is constantly enhancing its status in the world rankings due to significant international growth, and is currently placed at 178th position in the world, and second at the Mexico level. Although the school’s population of over 90,000 is spread across more than 30 campuses throughout Mexico, its main campus is centered in Monterrey, a city with the highest income per capita in Mexico, which functions as an essential industrial and business center for the country. The Tecnológico de Monterrey offers a variety of undergraduate classes taught in the English medium. These are for international students who typically study for a semester or year abroad, and whose credits can be used towards a degree at the student’s home university.

3. The Metropolitan Autonomous University

The Metropolitan Autonomous University is a public university, established in Mexico in 1974, with the backing of the President of that time - Luis Echeverria Alvarez. The establishment aims to be directly connected to the social and human environment, preserving at the forefront, with the continual reinvention of research and higher education. 

4. University of Guadalajara

The University of Guadalajara is a major institution for the development of high-class human resources and the creation of technical and scientific knowledge that helps in the advancement of Jalisco. The social life and creative fortune of the western region of Mexico will not be complete without the revolutionary and unique impact of the University of Guadalajara. Located in the area of Guadalajara and 8 districts of Jalisco, over  280,000 students are enrolled to study in the 400+ vocational, tertiary, undergraduate, and graduate scholastic programs that the University provides.

5. The National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico

This is one of the largest public universities in Mexico with over 170,000 students from the tertiary level to graduate and postgraduate degrees. It is the second-ranked university in Mexico in the technical and engineering sphere. It was created on 1 January 1936 during the government of President Lázaro Cárdenas del Río. The institution comprises of almost 100 academic units providing close to 300 programs of study. It includes 80 technical and undergraduate programs and 135 postgraduate programs. The central campus, known as 'Unidad Profesional Adolfo López Mateos' or 'Zacatenco', is situated to the north of Mexico City. The IPN is based primarily in Mexico City but has several research institutes and facilities scattered over 22 states.

6. The Autonomous University of Nuevo León

UANL is considered one of the best public universities in Mexico and Latin America, with several campuses spread across the Northern state of Nuevo León, Mexico. Established in 1933 as the University of Nuevo León, it happens to be the third-largest public university in Mexico with regard to the student population and is also the most significant establishment of higher education in Northeastern Mexico, which provides the greatest number of scholastic programs. The Autonomous University of Nuevo León is the oldest university in the state,  currently situated out of San Nicolás de Los Garza, a suburb of Monterrey. The UANL has seven separate campuses: the Main Campus, which houses the Administration Building, Colleges of Chemistry, Law, Public Accounting, Philosophy, and Biological Sciences, along with others. It also has its own Football Stadium, among other sports facilities. Additional campuses comprise of the Fine Arts campus, Forestry Campus, Health Sciences Campus, the Escobedo Agricultural Sciences Campus,  the Mederos Humanities, the Marin Agronomy Center, the Linares Earth Sciences, as also the Sabinas Hidalgo facilities, where branches of the Colleges of Law and Business are situated.

7. Anahuac University

Anahuac University, a private educational organization of higher education in Mexico, has two campuses: the first being the North Campus, in Huixquilucan de Degollado, and the second being the South Campus, in Mexico City. It offers over 40 Bachelor's degrees, close to 15 doctoral programs, more than 50 Master's, and several Workshops, Certificates, and Diplomas. The scholastic specialties and programs are Design and Arts, Health Sciences, Business, Tourism, Communication, Architecture, Engineering, Legal and Social sciences.

8. The Autonomous University of Yucatan 

This University offers a number of bachelor’s degrees fully taught in Spanish, including – Tourism, Visual arts, Habitat design, Veterinary medicine, Social work,   Architecture, and Food engineering. The students who graduate from this University usually join work in real estate, construction, or the public sector.

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