Top Universities in Kuwait: Fees, Rankings, & Courses Details 2021

List of Top Universities in Kuwait

#1. Kuwait University

Kuwait University was founded in 1966,  set up as a non-profit public graduate education institution located in Kuwait City. Officially recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of Kuwait, Kuwait University is a sizable coeducational Kuwaiti graduate establishment. It offers curriculums and programs paving the way for officially recognized bachelor degrees in numerous areas of study. the institution has a discerning admission policy based on entrance examinations. 

#2. Gulf University for Science and Technology

This University, founded in 2002 as the first private university in Kuwait has a four-year liberal arts education system offering over ten undergraduate degree programs and one graduate degree program, It has acted upon the growing necessity for a Western-style education built around Kuwait's Islamic cultural backdrop. It is dedicated to providing a unique education underscoring a liberal education foundation, competence in the English language, and expressiveness in the latest computer technologies. Every degree program has been identified as necessary for meeting the particular demands of the local employment market.

It has Departments of English, Social Sciences, Humanities, Computer Science, Mass Communication, and Mathematics and Natural Sciences, preparing students with a strong interdisciplinary footing in the liberal arts and sciences, highlighting critical thinking, intercultural cognizance, and scientific analysis.

The College of Arts & Sciences is designed to nurture intercultural ability and to inspire creative thinking. Students are taught to recognize and appreciate the traditions and cultures that have contributed to the assortment of today's globalized integrated societies while appreciating Arab-Islamic values and cultural heritage. The graduate programs, including the Master of Business Administration program, enjoy international accreditation and therefore present opportunities to graduate students who are benchmarked as per international standards, prepared with management and leadership skills, critical thinking abilities, principled value standards in order for them to be ready to meet the challenges of both local and international markets. 

#3. American University of Kuwait

Established in 2003, The American University of Kuwait located in Al Asimah is an independent, private, equal opportunity, and coeducational liberal arts institution of higher education. The administrative, scholastic, cultural, composition, techniques, and criteria of AUK are established on the American pattern of higher education. The medium of learning is English. It is also officially recognized by the Private Universities Council of Kuwait.

#4. Australian College of Kuwait

The Australian College of Kuwait was formed in 2004 as a not-for-profit private higher education institution located in the rural setting of Al Asimah. Formally recognized by the Private Universities Council of Kuwait, the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) is a small coeducational graduate institution. Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as certificates, diplomas, bachelor and master degrees in a number of areas of study. This institution selects students based on entrance examinations and their past academic grading records. ACK also offers various academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including sports facilities, a library, and administrative services.

#5. Maastricht School of Management Kuwait

This School of Management was established in 2003 as a private higher education institution and is located in the town of Dasma. Officially recognized by the Private Universities Council of Kuwait, Maastricht School of Management Kuwait, also known as MSM Kuwait, is a very small coeducational Kuwaiti higher education organization. Maastricht School of Management Kuwait offers curriculums and programs that culminate into formally recognized higher education Masters degrees in diverse areas of study. The School also provides numerous academic and non-academic resources and services to students including a library.

#6. Westford University College

This is an esteemed and desirable academic institution providing a higher level and graduate credentials in fashion, management, and job-relevant specialized certifications supported with degrees, diplomas from internationally accredited universities to potential students in the Middle East, Europe, UK, Africa, Asia, and the rest of the world. Westford offers a plethora of internationally accredited and recognized bachelor's and master's programs along with professional certifications in the fields of information technology, management, and fashion. 

#7. Arab Open University- Kuwait

Located in the Farwaniya district in Kuwait, Arab Open University is a pioneer in its genre, focusing on developing the science and knowledge society. The creative imagination to establish a non-profit Open University in the Arab world was introduced by Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz, who was the President of the Arab Gulf Development Program in 1996. He formally proclaimed the concept of creating the Arab Open University as an exceptional academic organization that contributes to navigating development in scientific, social, and cultural fields. This developed into the opening of a full-fledged Arab Open University in 2002 having a  planned partnership with the United Kingdom Open University.

#8. College Of Aviation Technology

The College of Aviation Technology education is accredited at all levels - locally, regionally, and internationally by prominent academic associations. It functions in coordination with the Scottish Air Service Training, which is believed to be a renowned specialized institute from where the late Jordanian King Husain and Ruler of Dubai Muhammad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum completed their graduation. Numerous Kuwaiti pilots have also received their training in this College. 

#9. Algonquin College – Kuwait (AC-Kuwait)

It is the first Canadian post-secondary institution which is certified by the Private Universities Council (PUC). Algonquin offers a range of diploma programs in the areas of Media Design, Business, and Advanced Technology. 

The programs offer many benefits to students, which include imbibing employable skills using experiential learning, application of the most developed and innovative technologies, access to professional systems, enterprises, and corporations in the streams of Business and Advanced Technology. Another huge benefit is for students to be awarded accredited and recognized Canadian credentials, along with numerous degree avenues to universities in Kuwait, Canada, and Europe.

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