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Studying Unusual Courses in Canada

Courses to study in Canada

Studying Unusual Courses in Canada

Do you have any reservations regarding the course of study you intend to pursue at university? Ignoring your indecision and choosing a subject in which thousands of other students will graduate is a bad decision. Choose a course that is out of the ordinary since it will allow you to graduate with a clear specialization that suits your personality, priorities, and personal ambitions, making you stand out from the crowd. Traditionally regarded degrees in fields such as science, business, and the arts are well-established. But what if you want to choose a less-travelled academic path rather than the beaten path? Here are some unusual courses that are now offered in Canada that you might be interested in participating in.


#Why Study Unusual Courses in Canada?


For international students interested in taking courses that are not offered anywhere else, here are some of the most compelling reasons why Canada is a popular study-abroad destination:

  • Even though it is one of the most beautiful locations on the planet, Canada continues to be the leading country in the world for higher education.
  • Canada is home to world-class universities and courses that are in high demand worldwide. The upshot is that it has become one of the most sought-after locations for international students worldwide.
  • An indication of this tendency is the increasing number of international students enrolling in Canadian universities. After completing their education in Canada, students can choose from a range of immigration options in their home country. As a result, it is particularly popular with international students.
  • Even though universities in Canada provide a varied range of study opportunities, there are a handful of courses that are unique to the country's universities.

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#Best Unusual Courses

  • Game Development Advanced Diploma:

Game Development is a three-year advanced diploma program that aims to produce experienced game designers who can create and develop their games. The curriculum will teach you how to become technically literate and capable of expanding games' conceptual and cultural possibilities. You'll also learn how to work efficiently with teams of artists and programmers to design, prototype, and iterate completely playable 2D and 3D games, as well as develop other professional and personal skills necessary for success in the business.


Northern Lights College, Centennial College, Toronto Film School, and Eastern College are some of the Canadian universities that offer this degree. App Studio, Ubisoft, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Activision, Blizzard, and Gameloft are among the top employers of game developers. A game developer's average pay in Canada is CAD 58,607 per year (INR 34,43,911)


  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Graduate Certificate:

Students will acquire the in-demand knowledge and abilities needed to design and build data-driven decision-making systems in the private or public sectors after finishing this one-year graduate certificate program. By participating in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics training, students will obtain knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science. Graduates will have transferable abilities that can be used in a wide range of businesses that are rapidly embracing cutting-edge technologies.


Durham College, Loyalist College, Lambton College, and Georgian College are some of the Canadian colleges that offer this degree. Agoda, Yelp, Deloitte, and Walmart are among the top employers of AI and Data Scientists. In Canada, the average compensation for an AI and Data Scientist is CAD 88,854. (INR 52,19,528).

  • Lighting Design College Certificate:

In our daily lives, many of us take lighting for granted, but it has an impact on our mood, the environment, and our health and safety. Legislative actions that limit energy budgets for new buildings and retrofitting are causing significant changes in the lighting business. Ryerson University provides a certificate in lighting design to prepare students to be industry specialists as the demand for environmentally responsible and ergonomically sound lighting develops. This degree is also offered by Douglas College and Centennial College in Ontario.


Lighting designers are sought after by Tom Chung Studio, Lambert & Fils, Bocci, and Anony, among others. A lighting designer's average annual compensation is CAD 52,122. (INR 30,61,789).

  • Recreation Sport and Tourism Bachelor’s Degree:

The Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism (BARST) degree explores the broad area of recreation and leisure, including tourism, fitness, and arts, culture, and heritage programs. You can specialize in one of three areas of interest with the BARST degree: community development, sport and leisure management, or tourism and natural environments. A BARST degree will equip you for a multitude of employment prospects in one of the world's fastest-growing industries, regardless of specialization.


This degree is offered at the University of Alberta and the Université de Moncton, both of which are world-renowned. The leading recruiters of graduates in this field include Equinox, Orangetheory Fitness, and Decathlon. A recreation coordinator's average pay is CAD 54,893 per year (INR 32,24,565).

  • Music Therapy Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate:

Brock University, Acadia University, Douglas College, Concordia University, and Wilfrid Laurier University are the only universities in Canada that offer a music therapy bachelor's degree and certificate. Students learn how to apply their musical love to help others cope with stress, improve memory, and promote rehabilitation and well-being.


Music therapists in Canada earn an average of CAD 68,045 a year (INR 39,97,679). Music therapists can explore and experience many different growth opportunities all across the world.

  • Actuarial Science Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree:

A financial policy specialist who sets and administers financial plans is known as an actuary. Examples include insurance policies, pension schemes, government welfare programs, and other similar programs. The major role of actuaries is to guarantee that these programs are backed up by a stable financial system.


The scarcity of qualified actuaries is one of the world's significant challenges. Companies in Canada are putting in a lot of effort to accommodate the rising need for competent actuaries. The demand-supply imbalance for actuarial specialists is expanding as accounting and solvency regulations change. As a result, after graduating from high school, Actuarial Sciences may be one of the courses you study.

PwC, Willis Tower Watson, Aon, and EY are the top recruiters for Actuarial Analyst. An actuarial analyst's average compensation is CAD 1,09,370. (INR 64,24,694).

  • Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering College Diploma:

Manufacturing engineering and technology in the aerospace sector is still a candidate-driven industry. Because aerospace engineering is a booming industry, it is a career-oriented course. Those who are interested in engineering and wish to engage in a successful career can choose this choice. This curriculum introduces students to aerospace systems, aircraft manufacturing, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies.


These odd courses have been proven at Fanshawe College, Confederation College, and Centennial College in Canada. General Dynamics,  Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, and Blur Origin are among the leading recruiters of these technicians. In Canada, the average wage is CAD 80,009. (INR 47,04,706 ).

  • Crop Production Certificate Program:

The University of Fraser Valley's certificate program in horticultural crop production and protection emphasizes strategies for growing food in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Practical skills such as pest diagnosis, plant identification, and soil analysis are taught in these courses. Boston College, Ontario College, and Cumberland College also offer the degree. A Farm Manager's median pay in Canada is $42,900. (INR 25,20,064 ).

  • Innovative Manufacturing Diploma:

Climate neutrality, Digitalization, and strategic autonomy are the three pillars that support Canada's industrial landscape. The demand for trained labor is increasing as the country's manufacturing sector expands. As a result, a diploma in Innovative Manufacturing will equip you to help address these needs. This curriculum aims to give a wide range of skill-based training. The manufacturing industry is the primary target of this training. Design, CAD/CAM drafting, fabrication, robotics, CNC machining, welding, 3-D printing, and project management are just some of the skills available. Manufacturing innovation remains a crucial driver of the country's long-term prosperity and employment creation.

Manufacturing Engineers in Canada earn a median salary of CAD 60,593. (INR 35,59,399). Among the top employers of inventive Manufacturing Engineers are Walt Disney, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

  • E-commerce and Online Business Management Diploma:

Even though e-commerce has made buying and selling products and services online more convenient. It has, however, posed several hurdles for enterprises. The demand for experts knowledgeable in the implementation of e-business strategies and online business management is increasing as new technologies emerge. Are you a business and technology-aware individual interested in working on e-commerce campaigns? This is the course that is best appropriate for you. Among the courses provided at Canadian universities are industry-related software programs and online platforms. This gives you a competitive advantage in this market. Canada is a wonderful place to start if you want to establish a name for yourself in the worldwide market.


In Canada, the average income for an E-Commerce and Online Business Manager is CAD 78,176. (INR 45,92,273). Some of the top recruiters of E-Commerce and Business Managers include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Nordstrom.

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