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Study Masters MS/MBA, Ph.D in Spain

Spain is home to excellent artistic, musical, and cinematic traditions. Regardless of what discipline you are studying in Spain, this country has a great deal to offer you. Spain is a vibrant place where one will encounter an energetic and melodious culture.

For students, a routine day begins early with classes going on for the most part till early afternoon followed by part-time work, self-study or hobby-time, and ends

Spain has many social and cultural activities for students to experience.

Studying in Spain and managing your everyday expenses and the educational cost is not a tough task as the majority can find work. Foreign students take up part-time jobs during their course in Spain to meet some of their everyday costs.

The following occupations have a great demand in the country:

  • · Dance and language tutors
  • · Attendants for entertainment places like theaters, drama halls, amusement parks, event volunteers, etc.
  • · University positions like research assistants, assistant professors, etc.
  • · Language coaches (for students familiar with Spanish)

Universities in Spain help you create an aptitude and understanding to not only take up a job but potentially start your own business or profession. The nation's rich and flourishing economy, the social legacy will surely build a strong foundation for students pursuing MS, MBA, and Ph.D.

Below are some of the most popular study options in Spain:

  • Business Administration (MBA) 
  • MS in Architecture or Civil Engineering ·
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Humanities, Law, Intellectual Science, etc
  • Travel & Tourism and related professions
  • Hotel Management and related professions
  • Global Relations and Client Management

The main 70 universities in Spain are supported by state funding. There are also private universities, some of them are affiliated with the Catholic Church.

  • · University schools- Bachelor’s level courses
  • · Universities and university colleges- Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. degrees
  • · Higher technical schools of engineering and architecture- long-term technical degrees.
  • · Business schools- catering to business-related education.

The Spanish economy has always witnessed a low unemployment rate and international students have a good chance of finding work with MS, MBA or Ph.D qualifications.

The degrees awarded by Spanish universities are recognised and respected by many companies in a variety of fields.