Top Reasons to Study Bachelors in New Zealand - Best Country to for Bachelors Abroad

Why choose Undergraduate education in New Zealand?

What are the advantages if you choose to study in New Zealand after 12th?

What are the top 10 reasons to study Bachelors in New Zealand?


1)     World Renowned Education: Degrees from Universities in New Zealand are well renowned and accepted worldwide.

2)     Varied Courses and institutes: A number of courses and certification in varied subjects and fields. You can choose from 8 funded Public Universities or 600 registered Private Training Establishments (PTEs). New Zealand also has 18 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) providing professional and vocational education

3)     Three years Bachelor’s degree: The undergraduate study in New Zealand takes only 3 years mostly whereas that in countries like USA takes 4 years.

4)     Safe and beautiful country: New Zealand provides a highly safe environment conducive to learning and it is also blessed with nature’s bounty.

5)     Research Intensive and Balanced Learning: The education system and curriculum have a research focus providing a balanced approach for theoretical as well as practical learning outcome.

6)     Excellent Education System: The smaller classes guarantee individual attention and hence better standard of education.

7)     Varied Academic Intakes: Many Institutes provide 2 intakes in January and July. But there are some that provide multiple intakes in September and November thus providing students the flexibility to start their education.

8)     Affordable Study: The fees vary according to the courses and institutions. But mostly it varies in the range NZD 18,000 and NZD 32,000 a year for undergraduate study.

9)     Work while you study: The students on study visa can work up to 20 hours a week and full time during vacations. The adult minimum wage is NZ$13.

Post-study Work and Stay:  The New Zealand Immigration policy allows you to work after successfully completing education in New Zealand which makes it also possible to apply for permanent residence.


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