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How To Evaluate Your Profile For MS-MBA & PhD in USA 

Profile Evaluation is the assessment of a student’s career and academic profile for the purpose of finalizing the program, country, and universities to be considered in their study abroad plan.

The following table clarifies the evaluation process for MS, MBA and Ph.D. programs and collecting thorough information:

NoCriteria / Questions
Helps to identify
1Educational qualifications
Basic information about degrees, diplomas, certifications, subjects studied at school, college, etc
2Academic performance
Grades/percentage/ credits earned in each subject, subjects of liking, scholarships/ prizes/ awards earned at school, college, etc
3Total and relevant work experience
How it can help to fit into the requirements and eligibility criteria for certain programs, it plays a major role in documents like the letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, essay, resume, etc
4Participation in extra academic and non-academic activities
Workshops/seminars/conferences/conventions/ meets attended, project/dissertation/ thesis work, research, and surveys, undertaken while studying or at work, participation in exchange programs, memberships if any, etc.
Extra-curricular achievements, hobbies, vocational certifications, outdoor activities, and sports achievements, etc.
6Future career goals
Professional aspirations, future plans, personal ambitions, time and age constraints if any, self-expectations, etc
7Purpose of studying abroad
Why does the student want to study a specific discipline, in a certain country or university? To check if the reasons are factually correct and reasonable
8Financial Status

Budget, educational loans if necessary, repayment plans, ROI for the course to be pursued, sponsors if available, managing living expenses while studying, etc

The profile evaluation process helps in decision making and preparation in the following ways:

1. Identifying the right country, university/ college, a program that suits your career profile and future plans

2. Evaluating expenses, cost of education, financial planning, education loans, ROI

3. Selection of the right semester (fall/spring) for in-take

4. Prerequisites for admission (credits, work experience, scores for language and admission tests like GRE / TOEFL / IELTS / SAT, etc.)

5. Shortlisting and applying to the selected universities

6. Receiving admit and admission procedure

7. Accommodation, living expenses, Health insurance, scholarships, if any

8. Visa interview preparation and application, Bio-metrics / Visa processing

All these aspects, require to be planned and organised as money and time are crucial factors to be considered in overseas education. Obtaining visas, preparation, passing of admission tests, and receiving admits may consume an unpredictable amount of time, hence starting early is better.

Profile evaluation for MS in USA:

Master of Science in the USA is famous for its value in the employment market. It equips students with the right approach, knowledge and practical exposure making them fully ready to start work directly at a senior level after completing education. Studying MS in the USA broadens not only the student’s career prospects but the overall academic experience as well. Best faculties and study material & resources, libraries and labs are available for students which makes learning more enjoyable and fulfilling. Universities in the US offer thousands of specialisations in the fields of IT, computer science, life science, space and astronomy, physics, chemistry, medicine, etc.

Profile evaluation for  MBA in USA:

Master’s of Business administration in the USA is a brilliant idea for those who want to pursue management-related careers. Master’s in Business management integrates the key traits required in the business and entrepreneurial world and prepares students to take up professional challenges in this field. The comprehensive and innovative curriculum prepares business students for a career in the perennially competitive marketplace. USA is the economic engine of the world and is considered the best country to study Business management-related programs. MBA students from universities in US are being actively recruited by corporate and big companies for years.

Profile evaluation for Ph.D in USA:

Intellectuals and scholars, who want to do research in a specific discipline and are passionate about making a difference to the society by their work should give universities in the US topmost preference for their Ph.D program. US has been a hub of research work, innovations, inventions, and discoveries. Be it any field, from archaeology to technology, US has made many contributions to the development and origin of many scientific and material things. Students with exceptionally high academic performance and calibre are offered admissions into these programs. Colleges offer unique specializations and subjects to Ph.D students in the US giving them more choice for selection and flexibility. Research as an occupation is particularly funded in the US thereby creating employment opportunities and jobs for advanced research initiatives. Research professionals are always in demand in the US as many organisations are engaged in research work and development.

Our experts will accurately evaluate your profile and recommend you the best colleges and universities that will suit your plans, budget, and other requirements. Every degree and program requires us to identify its advantages and disadvantages on your behalf and accordingly guide and prepare you for further process. Our experience and partnerships will surely help you make a balanced decision regarding your career abroad.

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