Study MBA in North America & UK

Study Master of Business Administration in North America & UK

The real fact about the MBA in USA & UK is – the world’s top 50 B-Schools are in USA & few in UK. If you are genuinely looking forward to move up in the ladder significantly or a planning for a major shift in the existing career, then you should think of the B-School education especially in USA / Canada or UK.


Please check the opinion of one of the students who decided to do MBA in the United States:


The most ‘common’ important aspect that is taught by majority of the B-Schools in North America is – ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, which is the big USP of the education in USA. As a matter of fact; majority of the Founders & CEO’s of the fortune 500 companies in the world are the B-School Graduates from those top 50 B-Schools in USA all together, who created at least 5 million jobs all over the world, with a total market capitalization of $ 800 billion & plus!

So if you feel that you are at the right point in your career to get the B-School experience abroad, then we are there to help you.

We can customize the complete “application-admission-visa’ process for you. Not to mention; we definitely know what it takes to get in to those top 50 B-Schools in the world.


Grad-Dreams Consulting works one-on-one with the candidates to ensure that the assessment is of the academic & professional credentials are done properly. This really helps us to understand the MBA applicant in a better way. We have a very realistic approach when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ school & the ‘right’ program. Our MBA admission process completely revolves around few major factors like professional achievements, test scores, academics, communication skills (written & spoken) & the cost! After our assessment is over, we create a customized report for each candidate about the complete admission plan, that includes universities finalized, cost of each application, b-school essay plan, visa assistance etc.

Please know that, you have to start the 'school selection-essays-applications' process atleast 4 to 6 months before the deadline. Give good time to the essay writing & the documentation process.

We specialize in B-School admission processes for the North America, Europe, UK & Australia. Please let us know more about your admission plans or also if you have any questions / concerns, we shall be happy to help you!