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How to Study MBA in Europe

Which country is best for MBA in Europe?

Our practical advice: It's better to go to a top university in Europe, than an average university in the United States !!!! By 'Europe' - we mean France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands & around {Western Europe} ! There are a number of great b-schools in Europe like Insead, Emlyon, HEC Paris, IIMD in Swiss and many more.

The most important aspects of the European MBA / Management education are as follows:

1) Tuition fees is less, around 1/3rd as compared to what you will have to pay in North America (USA & Canada), not more than USD 30K for many of the schools.

2) There is no need of GMAT, for many of the top ranked programs, however interview with the program director happens for sure !

3) The biggest USP of Europe - majority of the schools offer a paid internship for atleast 6 to 12 months, where you can earn atleast 40% of your fees back ! Please know that - in USA or anywhere else it is your responsibility to find the internship/job, the b-schools will not help you !

4) Most of the programs are of 12 to 18 months altogether.

5) Last, but no the least ~ You get a schengen visa, that gives you a direct access to around 25 countries !

If cost & time are your biggest concerns, then going to Europe would be the best option for you.



Grad-Dreams Consulting with it's own office in the heart of Europe, i.e. Paris, is well equipped to serve the international students to get the university selections, applications & admission-visa processes done in the best possible way. Till date we have served  number of international students going for further studies in Europe. We always recommend those super class countries like - France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland & Spain.

Grad-Dreams Consulting works one-on-one with the candidates to ensure that the assessment is of the academic & professional credentials are done properly. This really helps us to understand the MBA applicant in a better way. We have a very realistic approach when it comes to choosing the ‘right’ school & the ‘right’ program. Our MBA admission process completely revolves around few major factors like professional achievements, test scores, academics, communication skills (written & spoken) & the cost! After our assessment is over, we create a customized report for each candidate about the complete admission plan, that includes universities finalized, cost of each application, b-school essay plan, visa assistance etc.

Please know that, you have to start the 'school selection-essays-applications' process atleast 4 to 6 months before the deadline. Give good time to the essay writing & the documentation process.

We specialize in B-School admission processes for the North America, Europe, UK & Australia. Please let us know more about your admission plans or also if you have any questions / concerns, we shall be happy to help you!

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