What to Wear while Studying in UK - Tips to Dress in College in London



A few months ago I was on a bus trying to get to my friend’s house and I was a little confused to travel because I didn’t really know the area he lived in all too well. A person sitting next to me noticed that I was looking out of the window and asked me what was it that was bothering me and I told him about my dilemma, he told me to get down 2 stops ahead from the stop he got down at. Later I got in a conversation with another gentleman who told me that I should get down 3 stops after and I without giving heed to what the first person said followed the second person’s advice. I later realized that, as I  had gotten down a little further from the intended stop, I only listened to the second person because he was dressed very well unlike the first person who was wearing a wrinkled hoodie and had a stain on his shirt. In short, no matter what others say appearances do matter in real life and fundamentally affect a person's daily life from how he is spoken to while meeting others for the first time and also wearing good clothes helps form a better image of you in the mind of those who you interact with for the first time. When you dress well, your self-confidence is immediately boosted and you look respectable in people’s eyes and hence dressing well is a life skill especially if you are a student in the UK who doesn’t know how to make himself/herself look presentable. Luckily we have got you covered, here are 10 tips to dress better as students in the UK:

1. Footwear: Your sneakers complete your outfit like no other clothing item. According to me, every guy should have at least five types of shoes them being sports shoes, boots, formal shoes, and a casual pair of sneakers. Having these shoes will complete all your outfits and will elevate your look. Switch between these choices to suit the occasion and try to buy a shoe with colors that look good with most items of clothing, colors such as Black, Navy Blue, Dark brown, etc.

2. Fit is king: Fit is the most essential element in a good outfit. If the fit of your outfit is incorrect then you are immediately going to look like everybody else and not be noticed by others. Even if you are wearing a well-fitted pair of jeans and a simple tee, you will look more handsome than you are.

3. Streetwear: If you are a student who is trying to dress better than Streetwear will really spice up your look especially if you are residing in central London. Streetwear is all about casual clothes that look good on almost anyone. Now be mindful of not going overboard with your clothing items, no need for the gold chains and grills, a simple tee and cool sneakers will make you look better than you would look otherwise.

4. Choose quality items:  Be sure to always buy quality items. There is a reason why quality items demand a premium and that’s because they will last you longer and won’t wear too much over time. Invest in good quality items and they should last you at least three times the duration of cheap clothing items.

5. Big Box Discount Stores: Your essentials such as socks, caps, underwear shorts, etc do not need to be bought from a branded store. Stores such as Target, Marks and Spencer’s, Walmart and are great for buying your essentials just make sure they fit you properly. Doing this will really save you a lot of money, the money you can use elsewhere.

6. Start simple: Most people expect their fashion sense to develop within days. I would advise you to start simple with simple and mature outfits and then move on to try new pieces and adding items to your wardrobe. This will create a strong foundation for you and you will know what suits your body type and how to mix and match.

7. Become a better shopper: Learning how to shop for exactly what you want will help you avoid filling your closet full of items you never wear. When your wardrobe consists of pieces that you love, styling an outfit will become second nature.

8.Develop your own personal style: Having a personal style really makes you stand out and remember to experiment because you won’t know what looks good on you until you try it out.

9. Add colors to your outfit: There is nothing wrong with plain black t-shirts and jeans but adding a pop of color can go a long way to make you look more refined and it makes it look like you are a person that knows how to make yourself look presentable. I would recommend starting with pastel colors and then working your way up.

10. Start wearing shades: Nothing says that you’re cool like a badass pair of sunglasses, they make a statement, and having good sunglasses that suit your face type are crucial to elevating your look and are essentially amazing style enhancers.

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