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How is Studying in France Different from Studying in India

Is France a good option for Indian students?


Education systems differ from one another around the globe. Some have different styles to impart education while some have a more diverse curriculum. This article talks about the differences between studying in India and studying in France.


India is often described as a melting pot of various cultures, traditions, and festivals. Filled with ethnic diversity, tourists in India also come across various religions. Festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid, Christmas, etc are joyously celebrated in India. The people here, even though a bit conservative are very welcoming towards foreigners and treat them with utmost warmth. The culture in France is truly exquisite. France has been a high culture center dating back to olden times in most parts of Europe. France is famous to be one of the most romantic destinations and is very passionate about its food, wine, sports, and standard of living. French people are often misunderstood to be snobs but it is not so. They are very welcoming especially if you speak their language.


 In India, the education system is quite rigid where students are forced to study all the subjects during their schooling. A student cannot skip these subjects and less importance is given to extracurricular activities and Physical Education while more attention is given to subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The French education system is quite flexible as compared to our Indian education system. France ranks 3rd globally in education and also offers access to highly ranked Educational institutions with intensive teaching, several student beneficial facilities, and these institutions are very affordable as well.


 The Grading system in India is generally based on a percentage of the marks obtained by the student. The students are taught textual matter and are expected to present their answers exactly as they are given in the textbooks for maximum marks in their tests and exams. The French grading system differs from any other grading system for secondary education. The students are assigned their ranks in numbers ranging from 0 to 20. Grades like 20 or 19 are rarely given and any score above 15 is considered to be excellent. On the time graduation, the graduate receives the French Baccalaureate with honors, and mentions such as ‘Assez Bien’, ‘Bien’, and ‘Très Bien’ is given.

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 India is ranked poorly being 131st out of 188 countries in the world regarding Education. India focusses on theoretical education more than practical education. Inspite of this, India has some of the best Universities focusing on Engineering and Medicine such as the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science, University of Delhi, etc. France is one of the Top 3 study destinations globally. Studying in France not only enhances your knowledge and learning but also improves you as an individual. Being an education hub, France houses many fine Universities such as, Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University (PSL) is ranked 52nd in the World University Rankings, Down eight places to rank 68th in the world, École Polytechnique ranking 68th, the Sorbonne University ranked 83rd in the world. International students have to score well in TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) if they desire to study in French Universities.


 In general, most of the facilities provided by the Universities in France are much better as compared to those provided by the Universities in India. The main point of difference is the campus. The campuses of various French Universities are substantially larger than those in India and some even have restaurants built on the campus such as Resto U which provide food for the students at a subsidized price. There are huge libraries filled with several reference books for the students. There are great gyms and courts for various sports provided to students for practice. Some schools and universities also have their own track and swimming pools. French Universities like to provide their students with every opportunity to grow and enhance their respective fields.



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