Cost of the MBA Abroad

Most of the top MBA programs around the world cost around USD 40K to USD 100K or may be more than that ! You need to take a serious look at your finances before you plan your MBA studies abroad. As a matter of fact, most of these b-schools are increasing their fees by 10% to 30% per year ! Also with the current worldwide economic situation, the affected job markets, it becomes very important to take this decision wisely.

  • The MBA in USA/Canada is going to be the costliest option for any student. It's not all about having good test scores & work experience ! You will have to think first about the financing. Our take on this would be - You can plan your MBA studies in North America in a decent/reputed B-School, where you need "minimum" USD 45K to 60K. Check on what it turns out for you.
  • MBA in UK or Europe: Majority of the UK B-schools would cost you around USD 25K to 50K, whereas you can get into a very reputed b-schools in europe (France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland & around) at the cost of USD 20K to USD 40K.
  • MBA in Singapore & Australia: There are hardly 3 or 4 good B-Schools in Singapore that would cost you around USD 30K to USD 60K. Australian B-Schools would also fall into the same bracket !


Please let us know more about your admission plans or also if you have any questions / concerns, we shall be happy to help you!

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