How much does it cost to study MBA abroad?

Most of the top MBA programs around the world cost around USD 40K to USD 100K or may be more than that ! You need to take a serious look at your finances before you plan your MBA studies abroad. As a matter of fact, most of these b-schools are increasing their fees by 10% to 30% per year ! Also with the current worldwide economic situation, the affected job markets, it becomes very important to take this decision wisely.

MBA Abroad Cost:
  • The MBA in USA/Canada is going to be the costliest option for any student. It's not all about having good test scores & work experience ! You will have to think first about the financing. Our take on this would be - You can plan your MBA studies in North America in a decent/reputed B-School, where you need "minimum" USD 45K to 60K. Check on what it turns out for you.
  • MBA in UK or Europe: Majority of the UK B-schools would cost you around USD 25K to 50K, whereas you can get into a very reputed b-schools in europe (France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland & around) at the cost of USD 20K to USD 40K.
  • MBA in Singapore & Australia: There are hardly 3 or 4 good B-Schools in Singapore that would cost you around USD 30K to USD 60K. Australian B-Schools would also fall into the same bracket !


Please let us know more about your admission plans or also if you have any questions / concerns, we shall be happy to help you!