Top 10 Best Places to Eat in Edinburgh


-        Timberyard 


Timberyard is situated in a beautifully converted, Scandi-inspired, and candlelit brick warehouse close to the Grassmarket. The menu here is fresh, seasonal, and delicious as the makers focus on ingredients from small, local growers & suppliers along with a Nordic flavor. Dishes served are – meaty bass served with mussels, sea beet and hum of vermouth, caramelized pork belly presented with buttery cabbage, kimchi and salted apple, and the roasted pink fir potatoes in a shallot herb coating.

-        Wedgwood


Wedgwood is a Modish restaurant that makes use of local, seasonal produced, and deeply searched ingredients. The dinner menu contains rich signature dishes like lobster thermidor, crème Brulee is among the standouts while for dessert you can have the sticky toffee pudding along with Caol lla whisky butterscotch. Just like the food the wine list also changes with the seasons. The surroundings are elegant and the atmosphere is warm and relaxed with contemporary décor and modern Scottish cooking.  



-        Aurora


This tiny place is famous for serving some of the most inventive cooking in Edinburgh. The restaurant isn’t a fashionable one but has turned into a slick modern bistro after initially being just a brunch-focused café. This bistro now serves locally sourced, seasonal, and unprocessed vegetables and fruits. You must try to squeeze into one of their common events like the seafood supper club, you’ll enjoy eating.   




-        Aizle


Aizle is a neo-bistro with a passionate focus on seasonal ingredients. Chef Stuart Ralston and Krystal Goff followed a concept of ‘Bistronomy’ – which means fresh local food and casual surroundings when they opened Aizle in 2014. Yet, the kind of tasting menu, the environment is quite deluxe and classy. The place has a fresh, dazzling bistro look with a panel detailing the current ingredients that Ralston uses to crackle up the five-course blowout. There is a wall containing a panel of the current ingredients that will compose your meal for the evening, so tell your choice to the waiting staff.

-        Fhior


Fhior means ‘true’ in Gaelic and Chef Scott Smith’s food place stays true to its ideology with a seasonal menu prepared through Scottish ingredients. This is a Scandi-style restaurant that serves creative modern cooking. In the seven-course menu, you won’t fathom what you are getting until you are served and you won’t be disappointed. The determined use of foraged ingredients along with local produce always does the trick in every dish. Also, you’ll be surprised to get a mysterious menu at the end.  

-        The Gardener’s Cottage


At the Gardener’s Cottage, you will experience a quaint décor with an atmosphere of enthusiastic amenity. Here, the cooking pursues an ensemble with dishes in which the vegetable elements are considered as the prime Scottish protein. Chef and owner duo Ed Murray and Dale Mailley have earned a lot of praise for their eateries as they follow the simple principle of creating a great sense place with a seasonal meal that binds diner, producer, and landscape. 



-        21212


The name 21212 echoes the unusual dining structure that exists inside this place. Customers are given a choice of two starters, and then an interim course followed by two main course choices than an interim choice and follows a choice of two desserts. The food – white asparagus with caviar starter to the trademark dish of low cooked trout fillet, with jumbo scallops, tomato butter sauce, and wild rice – are a hit among the customers. 21212 also includes a generous wine list and stylish décor. 



-        Castle Terrace


Apart from its traditional location (below Edinburgh Castle Mound), everything else about Castle Terrace is modern and up to date. The restaurant, a Michelin star holder, offers menus that reflect Chef Dominic Jack’s French connection that is combined with the best Scottish ingredients. You’ll experience fresh flavors, top-drawer desserts, and admirable but affordable wines. Pistachio soufflé is the highlight that can be enjoyed in casual and cozy interiors and décor.  



-        The Bon Vivant


You can consider the Bon Vivant, located in the center of the New Town as your ultimate evening hangout. You’ll have to book a table otherwise wait at the wooden-clad bar and sip the aptly blended cocktail before your meal. The small plates include haggis bonbons, venison pasties with a homemade sauce, and hot-smoked salmon pate with oatcake and salsa verde. This is followed by the main course of slow-roasted pork belly and rump steak along with roasted veggies and a red-wine truffle sauce.

-        The Little Chartroom

This is another option of a neighborhood bistro that serves local and seasonal dishes. With an ex-Castle Terrace Chef doing his thing in the kitchen, this not-so-cozy local serves food that hits well above its location. This place is named so, because of the owners’ passion for sailing with modern dishes that pay tribute to the traditional Scottish essence and cooking. The Little Chartroom lives up to its hype and is one of the rare new openings. Booking would be essential here as it consists of only 18 covers.

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