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Study Bachelors in USA/Canada for Indian & International Students - Top Education Consultant

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Study Bachelors in USA/Canada

Grad-Dream's Consulting has expertise in assisting students going for undergraduate studies in the USA or study in Canada. By joining Grad-Dreams’ consulting program, you can save your precious time and efforts, as we all know that studying abroad is a lengthy process.


To date, we have worked with top-ranked public universities in North America (USA & Canada) that are the most preferred brands amongst international students. We specialise into processing the undergraduate applications for the University of California (the brand "UC" - Irvine, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Davis, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco & more), Ivy Leagues (Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth & Pennsylvania), New York University system to name a few! These universities offer the best programs in the fields of business, science, engineering, commerce, health care, arts & fine arts, hotel & hospitality, and many other disciplines.


How Grad-Dreams Can Help You Study Bachelors in USA/Canada?

We make decisions and narrow down the choices after considering the student's interest in a specific subject, aptitude to work based on academic performance to date. If the student is unable to decide on the subject, then we help them select the right course after careful assessment of the complete academic credentials (also known as 'profile evaluation') (including co-curricular & extracurricular activities) & financial readiness.


Our processes include the selection of right universities and programs, assistance with complete documentation & financial aid, an expert visa counseling service and the guidance at all crucial steps of the application process. Our industry-trained consultants diligently plan every aspect of your study abroad journey.


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